The Bulletin. September 2023


This month, the Bulletin looks at the significance of the Chief Executive’s high-level mission to ASEAN member nations Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia in re-engaging with South Asia as well as the world. We also look at how Hong Kong companies are diving into new areas of growth, such as the Halal market, while continuing to tap into the Mainland market. We also look at how e-payment options are playing an increasingly important role in business development in the GBA. All these, as well as our regular features, only in The Bulletin.

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This Month's Highlights
Special Features

GBA: Embracing E-Payments

Already a significant economy by international standards, the Greater Bay Area is becoming a proving ground for the transformation in digital payments

Tapping the Halal Market

A seminar on the latest developments in the Halal industry – from food to pharmaceuticals – looked at how Hong Kong businesses could seize opportunities in this fast-growing market
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