The Bulletin. October 2018

Solving the Land Supply Conundrum

In this issue, we look at the various solutions put forward to relieve Hong Kong's acute shortage of land for homes, businesses and the community. We also report from our visits to Kagoshima, Xiamen and Kinmen, and Taiwan, and explore the Parisian elegance and French cuisine of Junon in Wan Chai.

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This Month's Highlights
Special Features

Understanding WeChat Official Accounts

How businesses can use the platform to refine their marketing and create a more personalized user experience

Competition Ordinance Three Years In

What are the lessons for businesses from the actions taken so far under this key legislative change?

Assessing the Post-QE Landscape

As global policies introduced to deal with the financial crisis are now being unwound, we look at the potential impact on Hong Kong
China In Focus

Mission to Xiamen and Kinmen

Members explore the business opportunities in the two regions and learn how they are facilitating cross-straits cooperation

Chamber in Review

Practical Advice Amid Trade Tensions

Hong Kong businesses can find ways to reduce their exposure to tariffs

Learning to Fly

State-of-the-art facilities help HKIAA prepare workers for the aviation sector’s growth

Raising a Toast to Autumn

Member companies in the wine trade introduce some of their best bottles at the Chamber's Autumn Wine Fair

Fighting Crime Together

Citizens rewarded for their brave actions in helping the Police to tackle criminals and keep Hong Kong safe

Understanding Crypto Opportunities

Roundtable explores the factors driving the volatile cryptocurrency market
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