Understanding COVID-19 Vaccination

Members of the Government Task Force on COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Dr Leung Pak-yin, and Dr Tsang Ho-fai Thomas, explained how the vaccination programme would be rolled out and answered dozens of questions from the audience during a Chamber webinar.


Brexit: A New Relationship <br/>英國脫歐:開展新關係

Brexit: A New Relationship

With Britain out of the E.U., what will be the impact on Hong Kong companies doing business in both regions?

Seeking to Solve the Productivity Puzzle<br/>拆解生產力難題

Seeking to Solve the Productivity Puzzle

Coronavirus has driven digitalization, but efficiency improvements will also depend on investment by businesses and governments

Protecting Businesses and Livelihoods in the Food and Beverage (F&B) Industry

The Chamber has called on the Government to take into account the economic implications of extended social-distancing restrictions on Hong Kong in particular sectors that have been hardest hit such as F&B operators. If the existing government guidelines on reduced dine-in capacity and evening ban were to continue, further financial assistance should be provided to offset the resultant loss in revenue and to prevent job losses.

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