What's in Store For The Year Of The Pig?

Amid global economic uncertainty, we asked Hong Kong businesses and HKGCC's specialist committees about their views on the outlook for the economy in the Year of the Pig. Read our report in this month's Bulletin.

ATA Carnet in 20 Seconds

ATA Carnet is a passport for goods that allows businesses to import items temporarily without paying various duties or taxes. This also means they can skip the time-consuming paperwork that complying with such duties often entails. Mainland China has recently expanded its ATA Carnet scheme to allow businesses to bring professional equipment and commercials samples into the country duty-free temporarily.


Hong Kong’s Role in the GBA<br/>香港在大灣區的角色

Hong Kong’s Role in the GBA

The Outline Development Plan for the Greater Bay Area highlights the areas where Hong Kong will lead the way, and where new opportunities for business are most likely to emerge

Targeted Tools to Tackle Slowdown<br/>定向工具應對經濟放緩

Targeted Tools to Tackle Slowdown

Measures to help small companies are emerging as Mainland’s economic growth continues to slow

Law Reform Commission's Consultation Paper on Access to Information

The Chamber welcomes the proposal to provide statutory backing to the access of government-held records. At the same time, the Chamber has drawn attention to the need to protect business information and accord the latter with the same level of protection as personal data, while calling for a definition of “public bodies” and those subjecting these the proposed Access to Information Law. The Chamber has also argued that no fee should be levied on requests for information.

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