Meet the New Chairman<br/>總商會新主席專訪

Meet the New Chairman

Betty Yuen takes the helm of the Chamber as the world emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic. She discusses the challenges facing businesses in Hong Kong as well the opportunities ahead, with The Bulletin’s Editor Helen Sloan

Conflict Triggers Commodity Shock <br/>俄烏衝突對大宗商品市場帶來衝擊

Conflict Triggers Commodity Shock

War in Ukraine is affecting the global supply of energy and food, and helping to drive prices higher


Discussion Paper on e-HKD from Policy and Design Perspective

The Chamber welcomes the notion of an e-HKD as a digital legal tender given the associated benefits that would go towards consolidating the city’s standing as an international financial centre. The Chamber has also put forward design and implementation recommendations on the development of such a Central Bank Digital Currency.
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