Be A Part of Free Ride Day

Learn how your company can benefit from being a sponsor of Free Ride Day! On 29 November, everyone in Hong Kong will be able to ride on the trams and the two Star Ferry routes free for the entire day. This highly anticipated event creates a huge feel-good vibe across Hong Kong. Contact to find out how you can be a part of this exciting event.


CEO Manpower Conference CEO人力資本大會

The Hunt for Talent

At the Chamber’s CEO Manpower Conference, expert speakers shared how they successfully attract and retain the best staff

Services Jobs Under Threat <br/>服務業職位面臨威脅

Services Jobs Under Threat

Technology advances mean that previously secure roles in the services sector could be outsourced to lower-cost economies

Submission on Public Consultation on 2025 Air Quality Objectives Review

The Chamber welcomes and supports efforts by the Government to progressively tighten the Air Quality Objectives. We believe air pollution remains very much a public health challenge that needs to be addressed through more ambitious targets and closer collaboration among businesses, civil society and policy makers.

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