Air Travel Bubble

Hong Kong plans to launch the Air Travel Bubble between Hong Kong and Singapore by the end of November. At a Chamber seminar on 4 November, speakers explained how the initiative will work and help reopen Hong Kong by making low-cost, on-the-spot testing readily available at various airports, as well as how a digital Common Pass could facilitate the return to normality by certifying people as safe to travel.


Good Citizen Award 2020

The Good Citizen Award has been organized by the Hong Kong Police Force and fully sponsored by HKGCC since 1973. To become a Good Citizen requires doing the right thing and a caring heart! A simple act of reporting scams to police or giving a helping hand to others when necessary can make a huge difference. Thank You to the thousands of Good Citizens who offered help over the years.


RCEP: Beacon of Cooperation<br/>區域全面經濟夥伴協定:合作明燈

RCEP: Beacon of Cooperation

New trade agreement will remove tariffs and other hurdles to doing business, and shows the region’s success in working together

Outlook for 2021 Hinges on Covid Battle<br/>2021年前景取決於抗疫進展

Outlook for 2021 Hinges on Covid Battle

Little optimism about the year ahead in the Chamber’s Business Prospects Survey, but digital push is a sign of hope

HKGCC Budget Proposals for 2021-2022

The Chamber has called on the Financial Secretary Paul Chan to implement near-term measures to help businesses hurt by the prolonged pandemic. In its submission to the Government’s 2021-2022 Budget, the Chamber also suggested, among other measures, issuing government debt to preserve fiscal strength, promoting Hong Kong as a leader in green finance and conducting a comprehensive review of the MPF system.

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