Preparing for Relaunch<br/>為重振香港做好準備

Preparing for Relaunch

Even amid the continuing uncertainty, Hong Kong is gearing up to bounce back to business when borders reopen

Gains from Reshoring to be Illusory <br/>生產線回流的利處只是幻象

Gains from Reshoring to be Illusory

Pushback against globalization is politically popular in some regions, but would increase costs and reduce efficiency


International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) Consultation on Sustainability-related Financial Information and Climate-related Disclosures

The Chamber welcomes and supports the ISSB’s initiative to formulate a comprehensive set of global sustainability disclosures to serve as performance guideposts for businesses, while providing consistent, comparable and high-quality ESG reporting designed to meet investor needs. However, questions over the approach to and with the proposed standards, such as the lack of clarity on when the ISSB will be fully quorate and the absence of the principle-based GRI standard, will have to be addressed before the new standards are introduced.
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