China’s 20 Years at the WTO   <br/>中國入世20年

China’s 20 Years at the WTO

From hosting high-level meetings to producing in-depth reports, HKGCC played an active role in preparations for China to join the global trade group

Reasons for Optimism in 2022 <br/>2022年前景可期

Reasons for Optimism in 2022

Chamber’s annual Business Prospects Survey reflects improving sentiment and hopes that the border will reopen soon


Enhancing Hong Kong’s status as a hub for Family Offices

The rise of family offices provides considerable opportunities especially for international financial centres such as Hong Kong, which offers considerable advantages whether in terms of managing assets and investments or as a place to live. In its recommendations to the government, the Chamber has identified a number of policy areas that should be addressed if Hong Kong were to respond to the needs of global families and compete as a location of choice.
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