Voice of Business for 160 Years <br/>商界之聲160載

Voice of Business for 160 Years

Since 1861, the Chamber has been dedicated to helping Hong Kong companies and creating the right environment for success

Trade and Turbulence in Times Past <br/>昔日商貿發展與動盪

Trade and Turbulence in Times Past

The 1860s was a time of transition for Hong Kong’s economy with a growing population and increase in commercial activities


Vaccination as a means to save lives, hasten the end of the pandemic and accelerate economic recovery

The Chamber considers achieving herd immunity in Hong Kong to be critical in bringing the coronavirus pandemic under control and restoring normalcy. To that end, a number of recommendations has been made to the Government to promote public buy-in and achieve a higher vaccination rate.
Over the years, we have helped businesses overcome adversity and thrive locally, in Mainland China and internationally.

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