Webinar with the FS

Members from across the Hong Kong business community joined our webinar today to hear Financial Secretary Paul Chan discuss his Budget measures to help businesses weather the current global coronavirus crisis. He also shared his thoughts on how Hong Kong can make the most of the opportunities emerging from the Greater Bay Area.


Meet the Chamber’s New CEO George Leung<br/>總商會新總裁履新 梁兆基

Meet the Chamber’s New CEO

George Leung spoke to The Bulletin about his previous experience in the banking sector and beyond, his long involvement with the Chamber, and the challenges facing Hong Kong

Looking at the Long-term Impact <br/>探討長遠影響

Looking at the Long-term Impact

Covid-19 outbreak and its impact on the global economy could lead to significant changes

Consultation Paper on Corporate Weighted Voting Rights Beneficiaries

The Chamber welcomes the opportunity to comment on the HKEX’s proposed introduction of corporate WVR structures. Prior to committing our support for this proposal, we recommend that the HKEx provide further elaboration on the necessity for establishing such a regime as well as the effectiveness of investor safeguards raised in the consultation paper.

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