2021 China's Two Sessions

To have a better idea about China’s polices from the Two Sessions in Beijing recently, we invited four attendees to share their views on the meetings and Hong Kong’s role in the 14th Five-Year Plan. They discussed everything from the National Security Law to the Greater Bay Area to reopening borders.


Understanding COVID-19 Vaccination

Members of the Government Task Force on COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Dr Leung Pak-yin, and Dr Tsang Ho-fai Thomas, explained how the vaccination programme would be rolled out and answered dozens of questions from the audience during a Chamber webinar.


Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP): Turning a New Page for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

At the Chamber’s webinar on 23 February, a panel of speakers shared their insights on the RCEP’s potential impacts on trade and investment in the region, and the opportunities that are expected to arise.


Bright Prospects for Hong Kong’s Youth <br/>為香港青年開創光明前景

Bright Prospects for Hong Kong’s Youth

GBAYES programme creates wide range of career opportunities for graduates in the Greater Bay Area

Upgrading Economy and Building Confidence <br/>經濟升級轉型 重建營商信心

Upgrading Economy and Building Confidence

Digitization and upskilling workers while encouraging private consumption and business investment will help to drive our recovery

Consultation Paper on Real-name Registration Programme for SIM Cards

The Chamber agrees with the Government that there is the need to address the abuse of SIM Cards for criminal purposes, but suggests that consideration should also be given to attendant issues such as data privacy implications and efficacy of a mandatory registration system. In light of the social impact that such regulatory changes may bring, the Chamber recommends that efforts be made to better define the rights and responsibilities of stakeholders, namely, users, operators, and regulators under the proposed programme.

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