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China: Policy easing amid headwinds

Dr Carol Liao, Executive Director and Senior China Economist at JP Morgan, shared her insights on the China-U.S. trade conflict at a Chamber roundtable luncheon held on 25 October. She briefed members on the macroeconomic impacts of the trade dispute on the Chinese economy and what counter measures Beijing might implement to withstand the headwinds.

US-China Trade War:Tariffs Implication

Sarah Chin, Tax and Business Advisory Services Leader – Southern Region for Deloitte China, shared with members her insights on the potential impact of additional tariffs arising from the U.S.-China trade dispute, and also discussed some of the possible solutions for affected  businesses, at a Chamber roundtable luncheon on 13 September。

Forex: The next battleground in US-China trade relations?

Arthur Shek Kang Chuen, co-founder of the Hong Kong Economic Times and Head of the HKET Research Team, spoke on US-China trade relations at a Chamber roundtable luncheon on 20 June. He provided his analysis on the world economy from the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate policy to the potential displacement of the US Dollar by the Renminbi as the world’s reserve currency.