Membership Benefits Programme

Free Marketing Platform & Exclusive Discounts: The HKGCC Membership Benefits Programme provides marketing channels for member partners to promote their lifestyle products/services by offering exclusive discounts or privileges to members. Bring along your Membership Card or eMembership Card to enjoy many special offers relating to travel, entertainment, dining, office needs, shopping and many more!

Enjoy 20% Off on Professional Services and a One Hour Free Consultation Service
Offer Period : 2022/01/21 to 2022/12/31
Get 2000-yen Coupon and 500 Points upon Successful Registration on Super Delivery
Offer Period : 2022/01/21 to 2022/08/31
Complimentary 30-Minute Consultation for New Clients
Offer Period : 2022/01/20 to 2022/12/31
Enjoy 10% Discount on Colocation Solution Package
Offer Period : 2022/01/20 to 2022/07/31
Enjoy 10% Off on Cruise Fare and Exclusive Group Booking Offer
Offer Period : 2022/01/20 to 2022/12/31
Enjoy 20% Off on "A Symphony of Lights" Dinner Buffet Cruise
Offer Period : 2022/01/20 to 2022/12/30
Enjoy Exclusive 3X Welcome Offer for All-in-one Business Solutions
Offer Period : 2021/12/30 to 2022/12/31
Enjoy Exclusive Shipping Discount and Free Supply Chain Consultation Service at FreightAmigo
Offer Period : 2021/12/30 to 2022/12/31
Enjoy Up to 30% off Discount on Purchasing Coffee Machines
Offer Period : 2021/12/30 to 2022/12/31
Enjoy Exclusive 10% Discount on Hospitality and Service Manner Workshop
Offer Period : 2021/12/06 to 2022/03/31
Enjoy Up to 25% Off on Festive Takeaway and Selected Nina Patisserie Products
Offer Period : 2021/12/01 to 2022/06/30
Get One Complimentary Table with Eight Tables Booking for Dinner Banquet
Offer Period : 2021/12/01 to 2022/03/31
Enjoy Exclusive Room Rate and Festive Dinner Discount
Offer Period : 2021/11/19 to 2022/03/15
Enjoy 10% Discount on Regularly-priced Items
Offer Period : 2021/11/12 to 2022/06/30
Enjoy 30% Off on Health Care Plans and Free Medical Aesthetics Treatment
Offer Period : 2021/11/12 to 2022/08/31
Free Customisation Service upon Purchase of Designated Notebook
Offer Period : 2021/11/12 to 2022/06/30
Enjoy 35% Off on Self-Learning Modules
Offer Period : 2021/11/11 to 2022/06/30
Enjoy Up to $420 Benefits upon Purchase of $2500
Offer Period : 2021/11/11 to 2022/05/31
Enjoy Up to 20% Off on Self Drive Rental
Offer Period : 2021/11/11 to 2022/12/31
Enjoy 30% off on Rental with Free Flow of Coffee and Tea
Offer Period : 2021/10/26 to 2022/12/30
Enjoy Exclusive Offers on Accommodation at Harbour Grand Hong Kong
Offer Period : 2021/10/26 to 2022/03/31
Enjoy 15% Off All Selected Wines
Offer Period : 2021/09/09 to 2022/06/30
Enjoy Extra Benefits upon Booking Selected Four Seasons and Hyatt Hotels and Local Tours
Offer Period : 2021/07/09 to 2022/06/30
Enjoy up to 40% Off Annual Check-Up Plans
Offer Period : 2021/06/10 to 2022/03/31
Enjoy Exclusive Dining Privileges by Marco Polo Hotels – Hong Kong
Offer Period : 2021/02/01 to 2022/01/31
Enjoy 35% Off on Regular-priced Items at Annie Gourmet Retail Store
Offer Period : 2021/01/04 to 2022/02/28


Ms Brittany Yip
Tel: 2823 1293


  • All products, services and information are directly sold and supplied to customers by each Membership Benefits Partner who is solely responsible for all related obligations and liabilities.
  • All items are available while stock last.
  • All offers cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers.
  • All matters or disputes will be subject to the final decision of HKGCC and our Membership Benefits Partners. We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • The HKGCC reserves the right to reject any offer without explanation.
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