Membership Benefits Programme

Free Marketing Platform & Exclusive Discounts: The HKGCC Membership Benefits Programme provides marketing channels for member partners to promote their lifestyle products/services by offering exclusive discounts or privileges to members. Bring along your Membership Card or eMembership Card to enjoy many special offers relating to travel, entertainment, dining, office needs, shopping and many more!

Enjoy 25% Off on Board Resolution or Adoption of a New Set of Articles of Association
Offer Period : 2020/10/16 to 2021/03/31
Enjoy Exclusive Offers on Accommodation and Meeting Package at Harbour Grand Hong Kong
Offer Period : 2020/10/06 to 2021/02/28
Enjoy Up to 25% Off on Purchase of Euromonitor International Market Report(s)
Offer Period : 2020/10/05 to 2021/02/28
Enjoy 20% Off on Regular-priced Products at Online Shop
Offer Period : 2020/09/30 to 2021/02/28
Enjoy 30% Off on Cold Storage Fee
Offer Period : 2020/09/11 to 2021/02/28
Enjoy Exclusive Discounts on COVID-19 Test at Pangenia Lifesciences Ltd
Offer Period : 2020/09/11 to 2021/03/31
Enjoy 35% Off on Regular-priced Items at Annie Gourmet Retail Store
Offer Period : 2020/09/04 to 2020/12/31
Receive Extra 2 Bottles of Beer Upon Booking the Big Bowl Feast
Offer Period : 2020/09/04 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy 10% Off on Online Mystery Shopper Audit
Offer Period : 2020/09/02 to 2021/06/30
Enjoy Exclusive Offers for Office Rental and Event Spaces Booking
Offer Period : 2020/09/02 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Special Offers on Application of UnionPay Diamond Debit Card
Offer Period : 2020/09/02 to 2020/11/30
Enjoy Additional 10 Quota Licenses Upon Purchase of the Core HRM
Offer Period : 2020/08/17 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy 15% Off for All Online Items at Cookie Boy
Offer Period : 2020/07/27 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Exclusive Offers on Flight and Hotel Bookings at
Offer Period : 2020/07/27 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy HKD500 Premium eCoupon (in conjunction with prevailing offers) on AXA Designated Insurance Plans
Offer Period : 2020/07/27 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy 30% Off on Selected Online Life Insurance Plans
Offer Period : 2020/07/20 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Exclusive Offer on Purchase of Face Mask
Offer Period : 2020/07/16 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy HK$20 Discount on Purchase of M-Chitosan Face Mask
Offer Period : 2020/07/16 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Special Staycation Packages at InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong
Offer Period : 2020/07/03 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy 10% Off on Online Purchase and Receive a Complimentary Gelair Aircon Cleaner upon Placing the First Order of over HKD1,000 Purchase
Offer Period : 2020/07/02 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy 15% Off on Designated Accommodation Bookings at Loplus@Hennessy Serviced Apartments
Offer Period : 2020/07/02 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Extra 10% Off on Purchase of 12 Bottles Per Item (Excluding Gift Set & Fine Wines)
Offer Period : 2020/07/02 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Special Privileges on 'Work From Hub' Offer and Up to 25% Discount on Dining at Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel
Offer Period : 2020/07/02 to 2020/12/30
Enjoy Special Privileges on 'Work From Hub' Offer and Up to 25% Discount on Dining at Royal Pacific Hotel
Offer Period : 2020/07/02 to 2020/11/30
Enjoy Special Privileges on 'Work From Hub' Offer and Up to 25% Discount on Dining at The Pottinger Hong Kong
Offer Period : 2020/07/02 to 2020/12/30
Enjoy Exclusive Rates on Virtual Coaching and Talks at Etiquette & Leadership Institute
Offer Period : 2020/06/24 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Exclusive Subscription Rates on Intelligent Disinfection Station
Offer Period : 2020/06/10 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Up to 65% Off on Digital & Print Subscriptions at The New York Times
Offer Period : 2020/06/09 to 2020/12/31
Get a Complimentary Go Pen upon Purchase of Customized Notebook at Moleskine
Offer Period : 2020/06/08 to 2020/11/30
Enjoy 50% Off on Buying One CRIF China / Overseas Credit Report & A Complimentary 30-minute Consultation Service
Offer Period : 2020/06/05 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Free Hot Desks at Mau I Business Centre Ltd
Offer Period : 2020/06/05 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy 30% Discount on the Services Provided by Media Explorer Ltd
Offer Period : 2020/06/03 to 2021/07/31
Enjoy Up to 30% Off on Selected Wines at Evercohol Ltd
Offer Period : 2020/06/03 to 2021/01/31
Enjoy Up to 65% Off on Wines/ Spirits/ Glassware
Offer Period : 2020/06/03 to 2020/12/31
Receive a Complimentary Folding Fan & Mattress Protector upon Purchase of Selected Mattress at Promotion Price
Offer Period : 2020/06/03 to 2020/11/30
Enjoy Complimentary 30-minute Consultation Services at Squire Patton Boggs
Offer Period : 2020/05/25 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Selected Wine Region Courses
Offer Period : 2020/05/14 to 2020/12/31
Preferential Offers on Selected Champagnes/ Wines/ Whiskies
Offer Period : 2020/05/13 to 2020/11/30
A Complimentary Website SEO Audit Upon Purchase of A Google Ads Campaign Management Package (6 Months Contract)
Offer Period : 2020/05/05 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Exclusive Course Fees on Commercialized Animation Crash Course at Eyesgrin Studio
Offer Period : 2020/05/05 to 2021/05/31
Enjoy 15% Off on All French Wines From JinGarrigue Wine Hong Kong
Offer Period : 2020/05/04 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy 20% Off on A La Carte Food and Beverage Menu at The Boathouse and Pickled Pelican
Offer Period : 2020/05/04 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Five Complimentary Buyers Credit Pre-Check and a Free Credit Consultation
Offer Period : 2020/05/04 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Product & Sample Distribution with ZERO Cost via TryHaLa Platform
Offer Period : 2020/05/04 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy 2 Hours Complimentary Consulting Service at BPS Global Management Ltd
Offer Period : 2020/04/08 to 2021/05/31
Enjoy Exclusive Offers on CTL Connect – An Online Travel Booking Solution for Corporates
Offer Period : 2020/04/06 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Free OFFICE-ON-THE-GO & YOOV Payroll & HR Solution Upon Subscription of Selected HKT Business Broadband/ Telephone Line Service Package
Offer Period : 2020/04/06 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Up to 30% Discounts on Selected Coffee and Tea Products and Other Privileges
Offer Period : 2020/04/06 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Exclusive Fuel Discount at Caltex Service Stations
Offer Period : 2020/03/05 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Special Privileges on Accommodation and Up to 25% Discount on Dining at City Garden Hotel
Offer Period : 2020/03/05 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Special Privileges on Accommodation and Up to 25% Discount on Dining at Island Pacific Hotel
Offer Period : 2020/03/05 to 2020/12/30
Enjoy Special Privileges on Accommodation at The Olympian Hong Kong
Offer Period : 2020/03/05 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Up to 15% Discount on Accommodation and Dining at One-Eight-One Hotel & Serviced Residences
Offer Period : 2020/02/24 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy 20% Discount on Purchase of Matterport Pro 2 Lite Camera at Room3 Ltd
Offer Period : 2020/02/18 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Exclusive Offers at MEWLink in Shanghai
Offer Period : 2020/01/20 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Up to 15% Off on Dining and Spa at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
Offer Period : 2020/01/20 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Up to 7% Discount on British Airways to UK and Europe
Offer Period : 2020/01/08 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy 20% Off on Selected Consultation Services at Citizenship & Investments Ltd
Offer Period : 2020/01/06 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Exclusive Offers on Check Up Plans
Offer Period : 2020/01/06 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy 10% Discount on Yacht Charter and Extra 5% on All ASA Keelboat Courses
Offer Period : 2020/01/03 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy 25% Discount to Setup Shopify Online Shop at YSD
Offer Period : 2020/01/03 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Exclusive Offers on Accommodation and Dining at L’hotel Group
Offer Period : 2020/01/03 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Free Online Platform Development Consultation and HKD2000 Credit for E-platform/ E-shop Subscription
Offer Period : 2020/01/03 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Up to 25% Dining Discount at Holiday Inn Golden Mile
Offer Period : 2020/01/03 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Up to 30% Off on Regular-priced Collection
Offer Period : 2020/01/03 to 2020/12/31
Exclusive 15% off on Food & Beverage by Marco Polo Hotels – Hong Kong
Offer Period : 2020/01/03 to 2020/12/31
Exclusive Discount on Marriage Solemnization Services
Offer Period : 2020/01/03 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy 20% Discount on Purchase of LIFAair Smart Car Air Purifier
Offer Period : 2020/01/02 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy 20% Off on “A Symphony of Lights” Dinner Buffet Cruise
Offer Period : 2020/01/02 to 2020/12/30
Enjoy 20% Off on Purchases at Online Shop and Spend over HK$20,000 to Get 30% Discount on Corporate Gift
Offer Period : 2020/01/02 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Exclusive Discounts on Bhutan Private Tour & Africa Safari Packages
Offer Period : 2020/01/02 to 2020/12/31
Save Up to 25% on Accommodation at Huafa Place
Offer Period : 2020/01/02 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy 40% Off on Storage License Fees at Easy2store
Offer Period : 2019/12/19 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy 25% Discount on Purchasing Coffee Machines and Receive a Free Torani Syrup 750ml with the First Purchase of Any Products
Offer Period : 2019/12/16 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Exclusive Offers on Accommodation and Dining at Warwick Hotel
Offer Period : 2019/11/28 to 2020/12/30
Enjoy 20% Off on All Non-Promotion Products at Schmidt Vinothek
Offer Period : 2019/11/20 to 2020/12/31
Enjoy Up to 15% Discount on Accommodation and Dining at Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong
Offer Period : 2019/11/04 to 2020/12/30


Ms Verna So
Tel: 2823 1295


  • All products, services and information are directly sold and supplied to customers by each Membership Benefits Partner who is solely responsible for all related obligations and liabilities.
  • All items are available while stock last.
  • All offers cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers.
  • All matters or disputes will be subject to the final decision of HKGCC and our Membership Benefits Partners. We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • The HKGCC reserves the right to reject any offer without explanation.