To encourage and support young people to work and pursue their career in the Mainland cities of the Greater Bay Area ("GBA"), the Cheif Executive announced in the 2020 Policy Address the launch of the Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Scheme ("the Scheme") to encourage enterprises with operation in both Hong Kong and the GBA to recruite and deploy local universary/ tertiary instituation graduates to work in the Mainland cities of the GBA. The Scheme will provide 2,000 places, around 700 of which are designated for innovation and technology (I&T) post. Read More


GBA Reports

Shenzhen SEZ reforms expected to support technology and innovation development across the GBA

Technology and innovation is benefiting greatly from the Guangdong-Hong-Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) initiative, which aims to transform the region into a world-class technology and innovation hub and centre for emerging industries. This newsletter includes highlights of recent developments regarding the promotion of the GBA as a technology and innovation hub, drawing insights from the Keys to success in the Greater Bay Area report published in 2020; and recommendations for enterprises and policymakers from KPMG, HSBC, HKGCC and the Smart City Consortium.

GBAYes Road to Opportunities

Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Scheme receives an enthusiastic response from the Hong Kong business community

Giving Our Youth a Career Boost

GBA Youth Employment Scheme offers broader opportunities and a dynamic career path for Hong Kong’s young people

GBA Development Plan

Outline Development Plan

(18 February 2019)

The promulgation of Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area signifies a new milestone in the development of the Greater Bay Area.


Framework Agreement

(1 July 2017)

Witnessed by President Xi Jingping,the National Development and Reform Commission and the governments of Guangdong,Hong Kong and Macao signed the Framework Agreement on Deepening Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Cooperation in the Development of the Greater Bay Area on 1 July 2017 in Hong Kong.



Greater Bay Area Survey - 2020

For this report, KPMG China, HSBC and HKGCC commissioned YouGov to conduct a survey of 747 business executives in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. Almost two thirds (64 percent) of respondents identified as either C-suite or senior management.

The survey was conducted from July to September 2019. Some 496 respondents (66 percent) are from companies whose principal base of operation is in Hong Kong; 13 (2 percent) are from Macau; 57 (8 percent) from Shenzhen; 34 (5 percent) from Guangzhou; 41 (5 percent) from other GBA cities in mainland China; and 106 (14 percent) from outside the GBA in mainland China.
The business executives are from a wide range of industries, including 185 companies from financial services, 98 from professional services, 89 from manufacturing, 85 from trade and logistics, 57 from technology and innovation, 50 from real estate, 32 from healthcare/life sciences, and 32 from retail.

Among the respondents who disclosed the turnover of their companies, 224 work for companies with annual revenues of more than USD 100 million, and 163 work for companies with annual revenues of between USD 10 million and USD 100 million. The rest work for companies with revenues of between USD 2 million and USD 10 million (108) and USD 2 million or less (83).

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Greater Bay Area Survey - 2018

The Greater Bay Area’s (GBA) economy will grow faster than the rest of China over the next three years, and boost corporate expansion plans, according to the majority of business executives in a joint survey by KPMG, HSBC and the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce. The survey, titled Navigating the Greater Bay Area – Second annual survey on key drivers for success, was conducted in June and July 2018 and received responses from 714 business executives in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.

The respondents highlighted a number of benefits of the GBA; 68% indicated the area’s potential for allowing access to more business opportunities, while 53% flagged options for greater synergy achieved by pooling resources.

While the GBA is expected to create business opportunities across all sectors, the survey respondents identified technology and innovation (53%), trade and logistics (45%) and financial services (44%) as the three key sectors to benefit the most.


Greater Bay Area Survey - 2017

A survey on key drivers for success

Businesses overwhelmingly support China’s Greater Bay Area initiative, according to a YouGov survey commissioned jointly by KPMG and the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce. The two-month survey was conducted in June and July 2017 and received responses from 614 business executives in Hong Kong (410), Guangzhou (91), Shenzhen (82) and other GBA cities (31).

Of the total respondents, close to 65 percent were at a senior management level, while around 35 percent were middle management or below. The companies they represent were from a wide range of industries, including manufacturing (157), distribution (143), e-commerce (73), retail (70), logistics (58), and others. The idea of Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong working together to create GBA resonated with the survey respondents with 80 percent indicating their support for integrated development across the region.


Past Events

Meeting with Andrew Chan, Vice Chairman, the Board of the Greater Bay Business School

Andrew Chan, Vice Chairman of the Board of the Greater Bay Business School, visited the Chamber with his team on 14 December. Chamber CEO George Leung, PC Yu, Convenor of the GBA Working Group, and China Committee Chairman Petrina Tam, welcome the visitors and expressed the Chamber’s support of the new school. HKGCC hopes to cooperate with the Greater Bay Business School in the future to encourage more Hong Kong businesses and young graduates to move into the GBA to capture the growing opportunities. 

[Webinar] Talent, Employment & Income Tax in the Greater Bay Area

The huge opportunities that are emerging as a result of the Greater Bay Area initiative are increasingly attracting the attention of overseas companies. Although the GBA development has achieved much easier flows of talent, goods and capital between Hong Kong and the Mainland, many foreign investors are not sure about the relevant regulations. To help members understand more, Helen Liao, partner at Deacons, explained the latest policy developments in employment, talent and taxation in the GBA applicable to foreign companies, at a webinar on 14 October. She also touched upon other topics of interest to foreign firms considering investing in this economic powerhouse, such as the fastest growing industries, employment prospects and salary trends.

Individual Tax Incentives and Workforce Planning in GBA

KPMG China Tax experts Murray Sarelius and Daniel Hui briefed members on the individual tax incentives and shared their insights on workforce planning in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) with Chamber members at the HKGCC 11 September webinar. They covered issues related to GBA talent policies, workforce planning and tax refund arrangements as well as individual tax planning.

[Webinar] China After the Pandemic Series: The Prospect of Financial Services Development in the GBA

Financial services in the GBA received a further boost recently with a new guideline containing 30 articles, issued by the Mainland government with the aim of promoting the sector. At a Chamber webinar on 3 August, three experts shared their thoughts on the impact of the new guideline and the wider development of financial services across the GBA.

Florence Yip, Asia Pacific Tax Leader Financial Services, Asset & Wealth Management, PwC Hong Kong, shared the findings of a recent PwC report. The survey revealed that the three key elements for companies to succeed in the GBA are talent, data and capital. Dixon Wong, Head of Financial Services at Invest Hong Kong, and Esmond Lee, CEO, Euroclear Bank Hong Kong Branch, also discussed the future direction of the financial services industry in the GBA. Wong said that wealth management, offshore RMB business, ESG investment and fintech are some of the key areas of focus among the opportunities within the sector. Lee noted that Hong Kong's foreign exchange market is an extremely important part of the range of financial services that the city can provide for the GBA.

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