Coronavirus Business Help Corner

Anti-epidemic Fund

The Government will set up a $30 billion Anti-epidemic Fund to to strengthen the territorial-wide anti-epidemic work and will render support to the affected industries and employees.

Ensure Your Business Operations Never Get Disrupted

Some tips on how to take advantage of ICT solutions to protect workforce, secure data and keep business going efficiently and productively.

Combating Coronavirus

Six recommendations on how to turn crisis into opportunity

Distributed Work Playbooks

Working together when we’re not together: An employee’s guide to distributed work

Supply Chain Resilience in China

EY looks at navigating through the business recovery journey

Employment Issues During Turbulent Times

Common options considered by employers in difficult times

Coronavirus: What Business Leaders Need to Know

Tips on how executives can react to the current epidemic in the most effective way and minimize the impact on their staff and business

Managing Talent Risk

Staying connected, engaged and productive while working remotely

Guidelines for Employers

Employer’s statutory and common law duties to ensure employees’ safety and health at work during the Novel Coronavirus epidemic

Key Analysis for Directors and Auditors

The Financial Reporting Council and the Hong Kong Institute of Directors issued advice and guidance to directors and auditors on company audit and corporate reporting of financial statements

Managing disruptions on reporting

Explaining the joint statement of the SFC and the Exchange on results announcement during the coronavirus outbreak

How Are Companies in China Dealing with the Virus

Bird & Bird provides a brief guide on how companies in China are responding to the 2019 novel coronavirus

Automotive Contingency Plans

How the automotive industry is acting to mitigate risk during the epidemic

Coronavirus Explained

Dr. Aileen Marty (a well-known expert in Infectious Disease) explains more about COVID-19 and which measures you can take to prevent it from spreading  

Quarantine Arrangements

How the Government’s latest quarantine arrangements affect the workplace, and how employers should be managing this difficult situation

Staying Safe at Work or Travelling for Work

Employer obligations and key workplace health, safety and travel considerations in light of the outbreak.

Update on the Impact on Business in Singapore

Singapore's Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Manpower have issued several advisories which employers will need to be aware of

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