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Accenture China Digital Transformation Index 2023
research indicates that only 28% of organizations recognize that digital transformation is an ongoing process
The Evolving Power Dynamic Between People and Organizations
Accenture Life Trends 2023 explores the evolving power dynamics between people and organizations. These will present incredible opportunities for businesses to develop relationships with customers like never before.
Driving Digital Transformation is Imperative during COVID-19
Supporting business partners digitally on new normal days.
The Government Employment Support Scheme (ESS)
First tranche of wage subsidy under the Employment Support Scheme to receive application from May 25
Global Luxury Feeling the Chills of the Coronavirus
SIA Partners explores the state of the global luxury industry, its dependence on Chinese consumers and the hurdles lying ahead on the road to recovery.
Enjoyce Zhu Joins Sia Partners to Grow China Market
Enjoyce Zhu to lead Sia Partners expansion in China's mainland
Alain Li joins Sia Partners as Senior Advisor
Sia Partners announces the arrival of Alain Li, former CEO of Richemont Asia Pacific, as a new Senior Advisor
Employment Issues During Turbulent Times
Common options considered by employers in difficult times
Coronavirus: What Business Leaders Need to Know
Tips on how executives can react to the current epidemic in the most effective way and minimize the impact on their staff and business

How to Handle the Employment Related Issues in Hong Kong?
Employment contracts and other employment related agreements shall be reviewed and revised to provide further protection and power for the employer to deal with various special situations
Non-performance of Hong Kong Contract due to Outbreak
Discuss the use of the force majeure clause in business contracts to avoid the liabilities of the affected parties arising from the non-performance
Key Analysis for Directors and Auditors
The Financial Reporting Council and the Hong Kong Institute of Directors issued advice and guidance to directors and auditors on company audit and corporate reporting of financial statements
Managing disruptions on reporting
Explaining the joint statement of the SFC and the Exchange on results announcement during the coronavirus outbreak

A Solution to Get Tested and Diagnosed for COVID-19 from Home
Leading genetic testing and digital health company Prenetics announces the launch of Project Screen by Circle
Coronavirus Explained
Dr. Aileen Marty (a well-known expert in Infectious Disease) explains more about COVID-19 and which measures you can take to prevent it from spreading  
Quarantine Arrangements
How the Government’s latest quarantine arrangements affect the workplace, and how employers should be managing this difficult situation
Staying Safe at Work or Travelling for Work
Employer obligations and key workplace health, safety and travel considerations in light of the outbreak.

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