Asia & Africa Committee

Chairman Mr Jonathan Lamport
Secretary Mr William Ngo
Tel 2823 1291

The Asia & Africa Committee is one of the Chamber's trade area committees responsible for providing substantive programs and information to chamber members who wish to further develop and strengthen business ties with countries in the Asian, African and the Middle Eastern regions.

The Committee is committed to continuing its efforts to promote bilateral trade and investment between Hong Kong and countries in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, through events including luncheons, seminars, meetings with overseas visitors and delegations, missions and networking functions.

The Committee's Mission Statement is as follows:

Vision: To be the most diverse member centric and progressive committee in the Chamber.

Mission: To create an open platform for members to share knowledge and experiences, explore last frontier markets, connect and generate profitable business by members for the members.

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Belt and Road Working Group Meeting

The Belt and Road Working Group held its meeting on 15 June. Pham Binh Dam, Consul General of Vietnam in Hong Kong, updated members on the latest developments in the country and business opportunities under the Belt and Road initiative. With a huge population of over 100 million, Vietnam possesses a skilled, educated and diligent workforce ready to work hard and adapt to new challenges, the Consul General said. 

Many Vietnam businesses are interested in the Belt and Road and other Chinese initiatives such as the Greater Bay Area. However, Pham said, they did not have much knowledge about such initiatives, and it was hard to find an entrance point to the Mainland markets. The same applied to Hong Kong businesses looking to invest in Vietnam’s rapidly growing economy, where they would often find themselves facing vastly different business culture and rules and regulations. 

He said that although there had been a 40% growth in trade between Hong Kong and Vietnam in the first quarter, the flow of capital investment was limited due to global uncertainty and lack of mutual market insight. He suggested that the Chamber organizes a few sessions about potential investment projects and mergers and acquisitions opportunities in Vietnam.

Pham added that Hong Kong investors should keep an eye on sectors such as e-commerce, infrastructure, finance, and hospitality and tourism, where huge opportunities were emerging. On the hospitality side, for example, he said many luxury hotels along the country’s 3,000-km coastline were up for sale for a lowered price due to the pandemic, which could be lucrative after renovations and branding. He said Vietnam’s e-commerce sector had also developed in leaps and bounds in the past few years – in fact, he said, e-commerce was even more developed than in Hong Kong as almost everything in Vietnam could already be done online.

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