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Exclusive Guided Tour at Recovery, Resilience, Resurgence Thirty Years of Hong Kong Photographs, 1940s – 1970s

Network & Learn

Thank you to Edward Stokes, well known photographer and founder of The Photographic Heritage Foundation, for giving us a guided tour of a fascinating exhibition of photos showing Hong Kong’s Recovery, Resilience and Resurgence from the 1940s to ‘70s, at the Asia Society.

We saw life in Hong Kong through the eyes of three pioneering photographers -- Hedda Morrison, Lee Fook Chee, and Brian Brake. The photographs they took show Hong Kong during some very challenging times for the city as well as the true-grit spirit of its people which shaped Hong Kong’s world-renowned entrepreneurial and can-do spirit. Do to huge interest, the exhibition has been extended until 31 July. More details here

Anthony Cote, Director of the Quebec Office in Hong Kong, and his colleague Commercial Officer Florence Lin visited the Chamber on 29 June.

Exploring Opportunities for Cooperation with Québec, Canada

Anthony Cote, Director of the Quebec Office in Hong Kong, and his colleague Commercial Officer Florence Lin visited the Chamber on 29 June, where they were received by the Chamber’s Business Policy Director Simon Ngan and PR & Programs Director Malcolm Ainsworth.

Cote explained that, since earlier this year, the Quebec Office in Hong Kong has shifted its priority away from attracting immigrants to the Canadian city, to focus more on exploring the business opportunities for Quebec. The key areas of focus include green building, leisure industry, consumer goods, agricultural products and IT solutions. Both sides discussed possible ways to collaborate in the future, including meetings, webinars, business matching and missions, that would be mutually beneficial for Quebec businesses and Chamber members.


SME Committee Meeting


Wanny Hui, Manager, Design Gallery, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, introduced the TDC’s cross-border online store on JD International at the SME Committee meeting on 24 June. He also explained how the store, called “Hong Kong‧Design Gallery,” could help local business to enter the Mainland market in an inexpensive and convenient way, while enhancing their brand image and popularity.

At the same meeting, Norman Yeung, Angela Lee and Thomas Su were re-elected as Chairman and Vice Chairmen respectively.


The Blockchain Revolution: Unlocking Opportunities for Businesses

Since its introduction more than a decade ago, blockchain has been making a transformative impact across a range of business sectors, including banking, healthcare, education, and the public sector.

At a webinar on 23 June, Cheney Cheng and Nick Wong, Managing Partners at Altive, introduced the concept underpinning blockchain and how such a technology could revolutionise the future of business. In particular, they cast light on the future trends of blockchain in such areas as regulation and institutional adoption, decentralized finance, and digital payment. 

Speakers also touched on the business opportunities associated with Web3.0, Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAOs).

VideoAltive Ltd
Massimo Sterpi and Alessandro Gai, both Partners at Italian law firm Gianni & Origoni spoke at the Europe Committee Meeting on 23 June.

NTFs in the E.U.

NFTs – or non-fungible tokens – have been a hot topic in the past year as the market value of these digital assets has rocketed, while many brands and businesses are also entering the NFT space. To help members of the Europe Committee understand the NFT phenomenon, particularly within the E.U., two experts in art law spoke at the Europe Committee Meeting on 23 June. 

Massimo Sterpi and Alessandro Gai, both Partners at Italian law firm Gianni & Origoni, introduced NFTs, and shared their insights on the rise of the digital art economy, how it has moved into the mainstream business world, and some of the legal implications for businesses. Gai gave a general overview of the current trends in the NFT market, while Sterpi explained the latest development in crypto assets and related E.U. regulations.

At the same meeting, Davide De Rosa was re-elected as the Chairman, while Alfonso Ballesteros, Wilhelm Brauner and CK Lee were re-elected as Vice Chairmen.

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