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The Virtual Banking Revolution: Blending Technology and Financial Services Successfully on the Mainland

While Hong Kong is gearing up for the arrival of virtual banks, digital banking services are already being offered on the Mainland. At a roundtable luncheon on 17 June, Tyler Aveni, Head of International Partnerships at WeBank, spoke on the effects virtual banks have had in reshaping the banking landscape and transforming customer experience on the Mainland. During his talk, Aveni discussed WeBank's key success factors, differences between virtual and traditional banking, and the latest open banking innovations as well as their real-life applications.


A Visit to HKT 5G Tech Carnival

On a visit to the HKT 5G Tech Carnival at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal on 13 June, a group of members learned about some of the upcoming applications that will be made possible by the launch of 5G communications technology. Bruce Lam, Chief Marketing Officer at HKT, hosted the Chamber visitors. Echoing the Government’s Smart City vision, the carnival demonstrates how emerging technologies such as 5G, AI, robotics, the Internet of Things, data analytics and cloud computing can help businesses improve aspects including operational efficiency, sales and customer relationships.

HKGCC Mexcham Happy Hour

HKGCC - MexCham Happy Hour

Margaritas and nachos were on the menu at our joint Happy Hour event at Te Quiero Mucho on 11 June, co-hosted with the Mexican Chamber of Commerce. Members of both chambers had a great evening making new contacts, discussing the business opportunities in Latin America, and enjoying plenty of delicious food and drinks.


Europe Committee Presents: Pairing French Artisan Cheese with Wine

At a cultural workshop at the Monsieur Chatte boutique on 11 June, members had the opportunity to sample a range of delicious French cheese and wine. Experts from the boutique shared their knowledge of these two cornerstones of the French culinary tradition, and also explained how to pair cheese and wine for the best experience.

Brazil's Fintech and Investment Boom

Brazil's Fintech and Investment Boom

Consul General of Brazil Piragibe dos Santos Tarrago and two business experts – Luiz Simione, Strategic Advisor of Fisher Venture Builder, and Sergio Graneiro, Managing Director, Head of Corporate Finance APAC at Santander – updated members on Brazil’s economy and introduced its fintech environment at a Chamber roundtable luncheon on 10 June. The Consul General explained that Brazil’s new government is seeking investment to privatize the country’s infrastructure networks -- including highways, railways and airports -- presenting enormous opportunities for investors. The speakers also discussed the developing fintech industry, which is one of the hottest sectors in Brazil and has been attracting increasing investment from Asia.

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