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SME Survival Strategies Sharing Session

SME Survival Strategies Sharing Session

At the SME Survival Strategies Sharing Session on 15 October, four speakers representing a range of affected industries, CK Lee from C K Lee & Associates, Alan Lo from Duddell's, Carlotta Wong from Lexington Ltd and Kevin Ng from Tsangs Group, shared their experience of dealing with the outbreak and tactics for surviving such a serious disruption to normal operations.

Alan LoC K LeeCarlotta Wong
Kevin NgVideo
Meeting with Nigel Collet at HKGCC

Philippine Trade and Investment Centre Seeks to Expand Trade with Hong Kong

Roberto B. Mabalot, Vice Consul (Commercial) and Commercial Attaché of The Philippine Trade and Investment Center in Hong Kong (PTIC – Hong Kong), visited the Chamber on 15 October to introduce their organization and discuss possible partnerships. They were welcomed by Asia & Africa Committee Chairman Nigel Collet and members. Mabalot said different sectors like tourism, technology and property were particularly promising, and he expected a major rebound in those sectors after the pandemic has gone.  He added the PTIC – Hong Kong will be happy to provide support in linking up members with the trading parties and suppliers in Philippines.

Bringing IoT to Life

Demystifying IoT

It may come as a surprise, but the Internet of Things (IoT) has been around for longer than many people may be aware, and IoT technology is becoming ever more sophisticated and widespread. Its applications range from smart lights that are controlled through smartphones and motion sensors to automated production lines. At a Chamber webinar on 15 October, Johnson Yim, CEO of E-Business Solutions Limited, explained the concept, benefits and potential applications of IoT technology. He also provided a number of real-life examples of IoT applications to better illustrate the technology’s versatility.


[Webinar] Talent, Employment & Income Tax in the Greater Bay Area

Greater Bay Area

The huge opportunities that are emerging as a result of the Greater Bay Area initiative are increasingly attracting the attention of overseas companies. Although the GBA development has achieved much easier flows of talent, goods and capital between Hong Kong and the Mainland, many foreign investors are not sure about the relevant regulations. To help members understand more, Helen Liao, partner at Deacons, explained the latest policy developments in employment, talent and taxation in the GBA applicable to foreign companies, at a webinar on 14 October. She also touched upon other topics of interest to foreign firms considering investing in this economic powerhouse, such as the fastest growing industries, employment prospects and salary trends.


Henry Fan on Hong Kong's Healthcare Services

Town Hall Forum Series

The Hospital Authority’s Chairman Henry Fan spoke at our webinar on 12 October about the work and challenges facing Hong Kong’s public healthcare services. Besides the immediate needs created by the Covid-19 pandemic, he also spoke about the longer-term demands that our rapidly aging population will bring. By 2043, the proportion of people aged 65 and above will double from 17% to around 34%. Obviously Hong Kong will need to rapidly expand its healthcare capacity our services in order to meet the escalating demand of our aging population.

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