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Build your online shop with Facebook

Delivering Effective E-commerce

Having an online presence has become one of the few viable strategies left for conventional retailers to overcome the challenges wrought by the coronavirus pandemic. Companies are spoiled for choice when it comes to solutions or platforms to sell online, but a wide range of options can also be quite challenging, even intimidating.

At a Chamber webinar on 6 August, Terry Iu and Wallace Leung, respectively Head of Vertical, Greater China Region, and Product Marketing Manager, Greater China at Facebook, explained how Facebook is leveraging its well-established social media ecosystem to help businesses of all sizes to build their online presence through its latest offering, Facebook Shops. They also discussed some of the features of Facebook Shops, which allows registered businesses to have a presence across all of Facebook-operated platforms.

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[Webinar] Town Hall Forum Series with Eddie Yue, Chief Executive of Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Town Hall Forum Series

Even amid the turmoil of the past year, Hong Kong’s financial systems have remained stable. At the webinar, Eddie Yue, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), explained the HKMA’s work in maintaining the city’s attractiveness as a global financial hub, and its plans to further develop areas including technology, green finance and facilitating access to the Mainland market. He also answered questions from members on a wide range of topics from manpower to mobile payments.

Three IT experts shared their views on the latest developments in the technology sector in the Mainland and Hong Kong at a Chamber webinar on 5 August, moderated by Jack Lau, Chairman of Swanland.AI.

China After the Pandemic Series: Development and Opportunities of Innovation and Technology

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced enterprises to speed up the pace of digital transformation, and to become more innovative amid heightened competition. Three IT experts shared their views on the latest developments in the technology sector in the Mainland and Hong Kong at a Chamber webinar on 5 August, moderated by Jack Lau, Chairman of Swanland.AI.

Wong Kam Fai, Associate Dean (External Affairs) of the Faculty of Engineering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, predicted that technology would have a significant impact on industrial transformation. He also said that the demand side would drive the supply chain going forward.

Discussing the recent geopolitical issues that have impacted many Hong Kong businesses, Edward Lau, General Manager, Asia Pacific, Kingdee International Software Group, encouraged companies to consider the ASEAN market. ASEAN’s member states include several emerging markets that offer great potential.

According to research by Huawei, 97% of large enterprises will be using AI by 2025. Ken Ho, Business Director, Huawei Cloud, explained that cloud services would provide the runway for AI’s take-off as businesses adapt to this new technology.


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[Webinar] China After the Pandemic Series: The Prospect of Financial Services Development in the GBA


Financial services in the GBA received a further boost recently with a new guideline containing 30 articles, issued by the Mainland government with the aim of promoting the sector. At a Chamber webinar on 3 August, three experts shared their thoughts on the impact of the new guideline and the wider development of financial services across the GBA.

Florence Yip, Asia Pacific Tax Leader Financial Services, Asset & Wealth Management, PwC Hong Kong, shared the findings of a recent PwC report. The survey revealed that the three key elements for companies to succeed in the GBA are talent, data and capital. Dixon Wong, Head of Financial Services at Invest Hong Kong, and Esmond Lee, CEO, Euroclear Bank Hong Kong Branch, also discussed the future direction of the financial services industry in the GBA. Wong said that wealth management, offshore RMB business, ESG investment and fintech are some of the key areas of focus among the opportunities within the sector. Lee noted that Hong Kong's foreign exchange market is an extremely important part of the range of financial services that the city can provide for the GBA.

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