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HKGCC Guided Tour To Swire Believe In Hong Kong Exhibition WEC

A Guided Tour to Swire 'Believe in Hong Kong' Exhibition

WEC Members enjoyed a guided tour of Swire’s “Believe in Hong Kong” exhibition on 11 October. The exhibition commemorates Swire’s 150th anniversary of doing business in Hong Kong, and contains many historical artifacts and photographs that showcase the company’s involvement in so many aspects of city, including the development of our land, air and sea industries.

Besides exploring Swire’s history as a major corporate in Hong Kong, members also learned about the company’s philanthropy work and how the group has been giving back to the city by setting up various educational funds and charities.

Evaristo Trevino Berlanga, Chairman of the Americas Committee, led a group of members to visit the Moonzen Brewery in Kwun Tong on 7 October.

Visit to Local Craft Brewery

Evaristo Trevino Berlanga, Chairman of the Americas Committee, led a group of members to visit the Moonzen Brewery in Kwun Tong on 7 October. During the visit, members learned about all stages of the process, from the brewing and fermentation of the beer to the packaging of the final product, as well as the ingredients used to achieve the desired flavor and aroma. Mexican founder Laszlo Raphael also shared the story of how the company launched and become one of the leading local brewers in Hong Kong. Members also sampled some of the unique craft beers and enjoyed the networking opportunity.


Internal Investigations on Misfeasance, Bribery, Fraud and Employee Misconduct

Internal investigations – when an organization conducts a formal inquiry into suspected cases of workplace regulatory violations – are taken on rising importance amid global regulatory changes, calls for greater transparency and accountability, as well as rising cases of bribery and corruption and employee embezzlement in the post-pandemic age.

At a webinar on 7 October, Desmond Yu and Iris Cheng – respectively Partner and Associate at MinterEllison LLP – detailed the fundamental issues associated with employment related internal investigations, including those relating to employment laws, secrecy / confidentiality requirements and legal professional privilege. They also shed light on best practices for planning and carrying out internal investigations, such as choosing the dominant purpose of the investigation and parties responsible for conducting the fact-finding exercise, as well as how to obtain and preserve evidence, and conduct interviews.

MinterEllison LLP

Powering Real Estate Through Proptech: Trends and Outlook

A cultural shift among the real estate and banking sector is needed to accelerate Hong Kong’s developments of property technology, or known as proptech, according to industry experts. 

At a webinar organised jointly by the Chamber and the PropTech Institute on 7 October, three industry professionals explained the latest innovative solutions they have developed for the real estate sector. Vishalsai Daswani, Founder & CEO at MyPropty spoke on the opportunities and challenges for the proptech development segment in Hong Kong. He was joined by Gary Walter, Co-founder and CEO at Realinflo, and Harris Sun, Founder and CEO at RaSpect, who shared their views on pace of adoption of technology in Hong Kong compared to other global cities. 

Arshad Chowdhury, Managing Partner at Betatron Venture Group, also spoke at the event and provided an investor’s perspective on the developments of proptech. 


E-Commerce in Asia – Trends You Need to Know for 2022

E-commerce in Southeast Asia has been growing rapidly in recent years. Michelle Leung, Senior Vice President, Head of Fung Omni Services, and Corrie Ren, Vice President - Business Development, Global Supply BD&KA, LazGlobal, shared their insights on the latest developments at a seminar on 6 October.

Across the Southeast Asia region, retail e-commerce sales have grown by 14.3% in 2021. The widespread adoption of mobile devices and the convenience of online shopping – particularly as the pandemic has changed working and living habits – mean that this trend is likely to continue.

This is creating new opportunities and opening new markets for retailers. The speakers said that retailers should make use of social media, particularly to reach the younger generation of consumers, who are accustomed to using online platforms to express themselves and share content.

Joanna Wan, Digital Sales Director, BB Beauty also joined the panel discussion and shared some tips for new sellers. She explained that the Southeast Asia markets are very different from Hong Kong, so sellers should research their target markets thoroughly in advance. Businesses should also ensure that they adhere to all the relevant countries laws and regulations as well as the customs and tax duties when doing business in other jurisdictions.

BB BeautyFung Omni ServiceLazGlobal
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