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Ashford Benjamin Ltd

Bespoke Services in Executive Search

A personalized approach helps recruitment firm go from strength to strength even amid a challenging marketplace

Interview Date: 2021/03

eSmartHealth Ltd

Doctors on Demand

App-based platform DrGo enables Hong Kong residents to have online consultations without leaving their homes

Interview Date: 2021/03

Eggplant Technologies Ltd

Motivation to Get Moving!

Combining technology with personal fitness equipment allows users to keep fit at home, track their progress and connect with the Move It community

Interview Date: 2021/02

Euromonitor International (Hong Kong) Ltd

Knowledge to Help Businesses Stay Ahead

Hong Kong's high concentration of multinational companies drives strong demand for in-depth research

Interview Date: 2021/02

Frame & Fame Ltd

Making the Right Impression

Frame & Fame's personal branding service helps professionals present themselves in the best light, reports the Chamber's staff writer German Cheung

Interview Date: 2021/02

Planet Ninety Resources Ltd

Where Design Meets Technology

Smart and stylish devices are increasingly in demand as staying at home for work and leisure becomes a global trend

Interview Date: 2021/01

Walk In Hong Kong

Exploring Hong Kong’s Hidden Gems

Walking tours – both real and virtual – show a new side of the city that appeals to locals and visitors alike, reports the Chamber's staff writer Kari Yu

Interview Date: 2021/01

Aqua Plus Co Ltd

Sanitizing Solutions

Founded in 2019, Aqua Plus Co Ltd could hardly have guessed how timely its launch would become in the next year. The company specializes in the development of products to combat the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Interview Date: 2020/12

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