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Strollers for the City

At BABYZEN, innovation and practicality are at the heart of its products.

Interview Date: 2019/09

PHASE Scientific International Ltd

Diagnosis for Success

Founded by Dr. Ricky Chiu at the University of California, Los Angeles in 2014, PHASE Scientific is a biotechnology start-up seeking to change the landscape in diagnostics and healthcare management.

Interview Date: 2019/09

Plus Me International Limited

Behind the Curtain

Plus Me’s products can be found in high-end department stores around the world, although you won’t see their name anywhere, discovers Chamber staff writer Kari Yu

Interview Date: 2019/09

The Spanish Cultural Association of Hong Kong

Spanish Bonds

Students discover the joy of speaking Spanish and develop a strong bond with the language, teachers and culture, reports the Chamber’s staff writer Yannas Chung

Interview Date: 2019/09

Kolb (HK) Ltd

Passion Drives Success

From bakery machinery to packaging and lessons in latte art, Kolb offers a one-stop service for its clients, reports the Chamber’s staff writer Anthony Cheng

Interview Date: 2019/07

Tsit Wing Coffee Co Ltd

Cream of the Crop

Tsit Wing Coffee has grown from a small store to a listed company providing a wide range of food and beverage services, reports the Chamber’s staff writer Charles Chung

Interview Date: 2019/06

Taking a Trip

Technology mixed with the personal touch at gives users a social
as well as seamless travel experience, reports Chamber staff writer Caleb Cheung

Interview Date: 2019/05

Korean Corner

Korean and Green

From major cardboard sculptures to toys that encourage recycling, sustainability is at the heart of Korean Corner, reports Chamber staff writer Kari Yu

Interview Date: 2019/04

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