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Company : Nardello & Co Ltd

Tailor-Made Investigations

Nardello & Co. was founded on the belief that smart, experienced people produce intelligent and targeted results.

Interview Date: 2019/11

Hong Kong Arts Festival Society Ltd

Celebration of Culture

From hosting global ensembles to supporting local artists and increasing community access, Hong Kong Arts Festival has something for everyone

Interview Date: 2019/11

Silhouette Asia Pacific Ltd

Glasses Fit for Outer Space

Innovation is at the heart of Silhouette’s success in creating stylish, comfortable and top-quality eyewear, writes Chamber staff writer Charles Chung

Interview Date: 2019/11

M Moser Associates Ltd

Architects of the Workplace

M Moser Associates are experts in the world of designing top-class offices, reports Chamber staff writer Anthony Cheng

Interview Date: 2019/10


Strollers for the City

At BABYZEN, innovation and practicality are at the heart of its products.

Interview Date: 2019/09

PHASE Scientific International Ltd

Diagnosis for Success

Founded by Dr. Ricky Chiu at the University of California, Los Angeles in 2014, PHASE Scientific is a biotechnology start-up seeking to change the landscape in diagnostics and healthcare management.

Interview Date: 2019/09

Plus Me International Limited

Behind the Curtain

Plus Me’s products can be found in high-end department stores around the world, although you won’t see their name anywhere, discovers Chamber staff writer Kari Yu

Interview Date: 2019/09

The Spanish Cultural Association of Hong Kong

Spanish Bonds

Students discover the joy of speaking Spanish and develop a strong bond with the language, teachers and culture, reports the Chamber’s staff writer Yannas Chung

Interview Date: 2019/09

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