The Bulletin. November 2019

The Hunt for Talent

In this issue we explore how businesses can attract and retain the brightest and best employees, explore the latest smart manufacturing developments in the GBA, and learn about the opportunities for investment in Africa.

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This Month's Highlights
Special Features

Services Jobs Under Threat

Technology advances mean that previously secure roles in the services sector could be outsourced to lower-cost economies

Savour the Taste of France

Classic recipes reimagined at Louise offer a comforting fine-dining experience
China In Focus

GBA’s Smart Manufacturing Journey

Members learn about the latest high-tech developments on mission to Jiangmen and Zhongshan

Chamber in Review

Innovation Sparks in Hong Kong

Members catch up with the latest technology developments on visit to Science Park

Taste Experience

Choosing the right wine glass can make all the difference


Checking out the latest luxury models at Mercedes

Ghosts Amid the Skyscrapers

Members explore the haunted side of Hong Kong

Back to Business for BSP!

Companies and schools lay the groundwork for the year ahead

Climbing to Success

YEC members hone their teamwork skills and competitive spirits at rock-climbing gym

Chinese Investment in Africa

Continent would welcome more FDI in sectors like tourism and manufacturing
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