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Ghosts Amid the Skyscrapers
Ghosts Amid the Skyscrapers <br/>都市怪談

If you think of Admiralty and Wan Chai, what first comes to mind: the skyscraper office buildings?

The hip boutiques around Star Street? Or the bars in Lockhart Road? It’s unlikely that the supernatural is first on the list in this prosperous, modern and vibrant corner of Hong Kong Island. 

But as the location for some of the earliest settlements in colonial Hong Kong, Wan Chai and Admiralty are no strangers to the supernatural. Owing to their rich historical and cultural background, these busy built-up areas are also a hub for a selection of thrilling ghost stories, superstitions and urban myths.

To unravel some of the mysteries, the Chamber’s Retail and Tourism Committee teamed up with Walk in Hong Kong to organize a “Wan Chai Ghost Tour” on 11 October. The tour guide led members to temples and shrines of local deities, as well as some notorious haunted houses and suicide hotspots. He also shared ghost stories and urban legends that allegedly took place in these districts, supplemented with information about the historical and cultural background. Paul Chan, Co-Founder and CEO of Walk in Hong Kong Limited, also joined the tour and shared some interesting stories about the area. 

With rapid development continually taking place, the historical side of these longer established districts is vanishing. Through its entertaining and informative events, Walk in Hong Kong hopes to cultivate public interest in local history and raise awareness about preserving the city’s heritage.