The Bulletin. April 2018

Fighting for Equality

In this month's issue of The Bulletin we investigate why Hong Kong lags when it comes to women in senior positions, learn more about the huge success of and celebrate the citizens who have helped the police tackle crime. We also find out how the city is training staff for developments in the aviation and maritime sectors with exclusive site visits.

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This Month's Highlights
Special Features

HeForShe in Action

Male executives share their success stories on improving the prospects for female workers at International Women’s Day celebration

Family Dining Egyptian-Style

This Middle Eastern gem is a welcome addition to the blossoming array of eateries in Kennedy Town, reports the Chamber’s staff writer Yannas Chung

Preparing for Growing LNG Demand

The Chamber has submitted its proposal to the Government on ensuring Hong Kong is ready for a global change in fuel emission standards

Next Steps For ODI

Belt and Road Initiative will drive overseas investment by Mainland Chinese companies even as restrictions in certain sectors have an impact
China In Focus

Digesting the Two Sessions

GBA is key focus for Hong Kong among the plans and policies discussed at annual meeting

Behind the Screens at

Members get an insight into the key innovations driving the success of e-commerce company

Fang Liqun visited the Chamber

Fang Liqun, Deputy Director-General, Economic and Technological Cooperation Department of Jilin Province, visited the Chamber.

Li Jinqi visits the Chamber

Li Jinqi, Director General, China Foreign Trade Centre, and Vice President and Secretary General, China Import and Export Fair, and his colleagues visited the Chamber on 6 March.

Chamber in Review

Finding New Readers Around the World

As many newspapers struggle to survive, The New York Times is picking up paid subscribers

Community Cake Sharing

Members and their children joined Chamber CEO Shirley Yuen to bake and and share cupcakes as part of a Parent-Child Fun Volunteer Experience

Aviation Careers Take Off

IVE Simulated Airport Operations Centre offers advanced training to prepare skilled staff for industry growth and competition

Toasting the Success of Women Winemakers

Guests savoured a choice of more than 100 wines made by female winemakers at the Women of Wine festival

Meeting Maritime Manpower Needs

Members get a glimpse into MSTI‘s wide range of high-tech and hands-on training
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