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Digesting the Two Sessions
Digesting the Two Sessions

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The environment, property and Greater Bay Area (GBA) were some of the key topics discussed at the Two Sessions in Beijing. Fresh from their attendance at the annual meeting, General Committee members Anthony Wu, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee; Jeffrey Lam, member of the CPPCC National Committee and the Chamber’s LegCo Representative; and Stanley Hui, member of the CPPCC National Committee, shared their takeaways with members at a roundtable on 19 March. 

Hui drew attention to the fact that the word “historic” had been used for the first time to describe the nation’s progress. Wu also noted some of the Mainland’s achievements, including the reduction of people in poverty and increase in outbound tourists.

On specific issues, Lam said that the Central Government had introduced plans to make sure that housing is not for speculation. Turning to Hong Kong’s property issues, he noted that less than 7% of land is used for residential purposes. 

“Let’s solve the problems for the youngsters who need a place to live,” he said.

Hui discussed the focus on cleaning up the environment and corruption, saying that a new supervisory platform will be similar to Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption. 

The GBA is one of the key initiatives of the Central Government that directly involves Hong Kong. Lam said that Hong Kong should not push to become the “dragon’s head” of the GBA; rather that all nine cities should focus on their own strengths. He added that further details were expected soon. “We have to be ready so not to miss the boat,” he said. “We can make it the most prosperous bay area in the world.”