The Bulletin. August 2021

Payments Move to Mobile

In the August issue we check out the latest developments in Hong Kong's digital payments landscape as the e-voucher scheme provides a boost. We also hear from AI expert Dr Kai-Fu Lee, and pick the first 1,000 winners in the Chamber's Lucky Draw!

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This Month's Highlights
Special Features

Resolving Commercial Disputes: Can Court Litigation Be Avoided?

Businesses should decide in advance what route they will take if an agreement goes sour

Get Ready for Hybrid Work

Remote work will be part of the 'new normal' for businesses but more staff training is needed, according to HKPC survey

The Bulletin Through the Years

This year your Chamber celebrates its 160th anniversary, so we thought it would be interesting to look back at past Bulletins and key events in Hong Kong’s history.
China In Focus

How AI Will Transform the World

Dr Kai-Fu Lee discusses the latest advances in artificial intelligence and outlines his vision of how technology can create a better future

Chamber in Review

Reinventing Hong Kong’s Economy

City needs to look beyond its pillar industries and invest more in innovation to secure its longer term prosperity

Securing the Supply Chain

Technology upgrades are helping the logistics sector improve efficiency, save costs and build resilience against disruption

BSP Wraps Up with Online Sharing

Despite restrictions, the BSP Programme introduced high-school students to the business world throughout the past academic year

Drone Experience

YEC members visit HKPC to learn about the commercial applications of drones and proposed legislation on their use
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