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Responding to Changing Healthcare Needs

UMP Healthcare Holdings Limited was founded in 1990 with the vision to give everyone access to trusted and affordable healthcare. Today, it has more than 800 service points across Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China with a focus on the Greater Bay Area (GBA), which provide one-stop healthcare solutions for private patients and corporate clients.

“Our strong and all-round coordination capabilities in terms of 24-hour customer care services and digitalization are our unique strengths,” said Jacquen Kwok, Managing Director and Executive Director of UMP. “We have scalable teams with well-organized coordination among them.”

With the advent of the Covid-19 era, companies and organizations in the healthcare sector have had to undergo many necessary adaptations. For UMP, this meant “capitalizing on our extensive business network to provide uninterrupted offline clinical services to outpatients, as well as policyholders of corporates and insurance companies, leveraging our full-service ecosystem that can fulfill our clients’ shifting demand,” Kwok explained.

Since the arrival of the pandemic, UMP has adapted to the changing needs of its clients, and has administered solutions – ranging from expansion of its online products offering to include same-day-delivery of Covid-19 screening test kits to providing Virtual Care telemedicine services in overcoming barriers of social distancing – to ensure the continuation of its quality services. The decision to join the Chamber and utilize its extensive business network has also played a role in “creating synergies with various industries,” said Kwok.

Amid the disruption to normal operations, UMP acted quickly to open new digital platforms so it could continue to serve individuals and enterprises. “The outbreak of Covid-19 and measures including social distancing have changed the patient visit landscape, and prompted us to tap into digital healthcare more speedily,” Kwok said.

The company’s Virtual Care telemedicine services platform, launched in Hong Kong in January 2020, for example, gives patients convenient access to doctors from the comfort of their own homes. It also provides peace of mind to those who are apprehensive about travelling in public places while the virus may still be circulating. Cross-border Virtual Care telemedicine services are also available to support the needs of Hong Kong and PRC residents who face difficulties in travelling. UMP is also now the only Hong Kong-based healthcare platform with an internet hospital license, which allows the company to provide local and Mainland residents with licensed telemedicine services.

UMP has also self-developed its proprietary software eVoucher, the first electronic medical vouchers system in Hong Kong’s healthcare industry. It has been adopted to UMP’s medical network, allowing a contactless registration process to ensure the safety of the company’s clients and medical team.

The economic environment has been tough for virtually all businesses since the first days of the pandemic, and the road to recovery may take some time. “Nonetheless, we believe challenges will bring opportunities,” said Kwok.

The company is continuing its expansion in the GBA, including a new headquarters in Shenzhen’s central business district. The opening of this new facility is one of the steps UMP is taking to “capture the potential GBA-based business opportunities and facilitate cross-border healthcare services based on our sophisticated development in Hong Kong,” said Kwok.

This new HQ will also play a key role in administering the company’s GOLD and GOLD-EN training programmes, which aim to improve consultation skills of family doctors and nurses in Mainland China with a focus on the GBA, and in turn enhance public confidence in the quality of community-based primary healthcare.

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