The Bulletin. April 2021

GBA Career Prospects

In this issue we speak to member companies that have signed up to the GBA Youth Employment Scheme, and learn about the many benefits for graduates and corporates alike. We also hear from the Financial Secretary on his latest Budget and proposals to help Hong Kong's economy recover from the pandemic, and learn more about the Mainland's new Civil Code and its impact on HR practices.

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This Month's Highlights
Special Features

Enforcing the Competition Ordinance

Businesses should be aware that informal options are available to resolve issues and help avoid sanctions

Upgrading Economy and Building Confidence

Digitization and upskilling workers while encouraging private consumption and business investment will help to drive our recovery
China In Focus

HR Management Under the China Civil Code

Companies should be prepared for changes to employee rights that affect areas including recruitment, sick leave and sexual harassment

Chamber in Review

The Bulletin Through the Years

As we celebrate our 160th anniversary, we take a look back at past Bulletins and key events in Hong Kong’s history

Follow Your Dreams

Students learn how a passion for travel led to the launch of a successful Hong Kong tourism company

Smart City Update

Blueprint 2.0 expands initiatives and encourages private sector participation to make Hong Kong a smarter, greener city
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