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Prefer not to visit a clinic if you need to see a doctor? Another option for Hong Kong people is DrGo, a health-tech platform providing telemedicine services. Through this app-based platform, users can connect with registered doctors in the city, and benefit from the expertise of a healthcare professional at the touch of a button.

“Our on-demand mobile platform enables users to book an appointment and consult their doctor of choice via a video call,” explained Dr Allen Wong, Head of Product and Business Development at eSmartHealth Ltd.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Telecommunication Ltd, eSmartHealth is the mastermind behind DrGo. The company was formed with a mission to provide cloud-based health management services to healthcare professionals and carers, and it released the DrGo app in August 2020.

This proved to be a timely launch, as Covid-19 has seen visits to private clinics decrease by 50-60% over the past year. This in turn has fuelled a growing demand and need for telehealth services. The DrGo app provides users with a solution for receiving help from the comfort of their own homes or workplaces, thus reducing their risk of infection. It also helps save time for busy people, and means they don’t need to make a journey to the clinic or hospital.

Wong added that any medication, medical certificates or referrals that the doctor may prescribe after a consultation can normally be delivered to the patient’s designated address within four hours.

Six months after its inception, DrGo had already expanded its doctor network to include four major local private medical partners: Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong, Precious Blood Hospital (Caritas), Quality Healthcare Medicinal Services (QHMS) and Union Medical Healthcare (UMH).

HKGCC has helped the company broaden its potential client base and to understand the local market, Wong explained. He said that eSmartHealth joined the Chamber to “obtain business intelligence and improve our potential business network.”

Besides facilitating online consultations, eSmartHealth is also moving into the broader health and well-being sphere, using technology to improve access to a range of services. Recently, the company announced the launch of an e-commerce platform to the public – DrGo Health Store, which offers healthcare products, body-check packages and vaccinations, among others.

“Our goal is not only to serve the growing needs in the community, but also contribute to Hong Kong’s continued development into a smart city,” said Wong.

DrGo is currently focused mainly on the private segment of the local healthcare market. But in the near future, eSmartHealth plans to continue expanding its doctor network with more hospitals and clinics, and cover a wider range of specialties, Wong explained.

“For our long-term goal, DrGo targets to offer remote healthcare services to users of the public healthcare system,” he said.


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