The Bulletin. October 2020

Emerging from the Storm

In this month's issue, you can read the Chamber's recommendations to the Chief Executive on relaunching the economy after the coronavirus eases. We also look at how companies can use PR to communicate with staff as well as customers, and consider the impact that Hong Kong's vibrant arts and culture sector has on our economy.

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This Month's Highlights
Special Features

U.S.-China Decoupling: Beyond Trade

Emerging fields in the economic conflict include FDI, technology transfer and access to the global payments infrastructure

Plans to Toughen Data Privacy Law

Businesses will need to comply with tighter rules around data protection or run the risk of stiff penalties
China In Focus

GBA Boom for Financial Services

Region's rapidly evolving financial landscape includes more cross-border investment opportunities

Talent Flow in a Digital Age

New income tax policies in the GBA and flexible working trend are creating opportunities, but also tax implications

Chamber in Review

Arts Advantage

Hong Kong’s mix of cultures and dynamic arts scene play a crucial role in our status as a world-class city
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