The Bulletin. June 2022

Betty Yuen Takes the Helm

In this month's issue we speak to our new Chairman about the challenges facing Hong Kong and her hopes for a more efficient and sustainable future for the city. We also hear about the rapid growth in GBA-ASEAN ties, and learn about the ambitious infrastructure development planned for Hong Kong in the years ahead.

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This Month's Highlights
Special Features

Mobile Phones and Family-Work Conflict

Remote working can help productivity but U.S. studies reveals impact of blurred boundaries between work and life

Competition Ordinance: Can a Contravention Be Criminal?

Obstructing an investigation into anti-competitive conduct could lead to severe penalties, including imprisonment
China In Focus

Opportunities Abound Amid GBA-ASEAN Ties

Hong Kong businesses can tap into the soaring trade and investment links between the Greater Bay Area and Southeast Asia

Chamber in Review

Impact of Ukraine Crisis

Russian invasion has further destabilized the global economy and deepened divides in the trade system

Infrastructure Opportunities in the Northern Metropolis

New development will focus on technology and logistics while transport enhancements will improve city’s connectivity
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