The Bulletin. March 2020


In this issue we provide a range of advice to help businesses through these challenging times, including working from home and legal issues. We also get an overview of the economy of The Netherlands, and say farewell to our departing CEO, Shirley Yuen.

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This Month's Highlights
Special Features

Digital Workplace

With remote working now the focus of many businesses, we provide a dashboard of the options available

Budget a Lifeline for Many Businesses

Chamber welcomes measures to ease business and help stimulate the economy

Cash Flow Relief

Hong Kong’s major banks’ offerings to help businesses with cash flow challenges

Legal Obligations for Employers

Reviewing the key issues on employee rights and well-being during a serious virus outbreak

Coronavirus: What Business Leaders Need to Know

Tips on how executives can react to the current epidemic and minimize the impact on their staff and business
China In Focus

Successful Home-Working Strategies

Creating the right environment and staying in touch with colleagues will help maintain efficiency and employee engagement

Chamber in Review

Understanding the World of Mortgages

Students learn about home loans and the careers available in the industry

Stable Outlook for Asia Pacific

Regional economies have policy room to protect against headwinds in the year ahead

Insight Into the Netherlands

Country is a gateway to Europe with a strong services sector, and is working on sustainability
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