The Bulletin. September 2022

Policies to Ensure a Brighter Future

In this issue we share the Chamber's proposals for relaunching Hong Kong, learn about the Mainland's successful regional development strategy, and hear from members how the travel restrictions have impacted their businesses

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This Month's Highlights
Special Features

Europe Goes Circular: What’s in It for Hong Kong?

The E.U. Green Deal ushers in a new era of sustainable production globally, with potential opportunities for Hong Kong and the GBA

Maintaining Health and Safety at Work

HKGCC has submitted its comments on changes to current health and safety regulations. An abridged version of our submission is below
China In Focus

Synergize GBA Forum 2022

Event explored the collaboration opportunities across the Greater Bay Area

Chamber in Review

Building a Better Society

Students see how the property sector is using new technology to create more sustainable spaces to live, work and travel

Training Tourism Professionals

Members learn how hotel and tourism educators are preparing staff for a changing working environment
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