Air Travel Bubble

Hong Kong plans to launch the Air Travel Bubble between Hong Kong and Singapore by the end of November. At a Chamber seminar on 4 November, speakers explained how the initiative will work and help reopen Hong Kong by making low-cost, on-the-spot testing readily available at various airports, as well as how a digital Common Pass could facilitate the return to normality by certifying people as safe to travel.


Shenzhen Celebrates 40 Years<br/>深圳慶祝建區40載

Shenzhen Celebrates 40 Years

Latest reforms for GBA’s ‘engine’ mean that Hong Kong’s role in the city’s development will continue to evolve

Fiscal Measures to the Fore<br/>財政措施成為焦點

Fiscal Measures to the Fore

With global interest rates already low, spotlight moves to government borrowing and spending to drive recovery

Chamber Submission to the 2020/21 Policy Address

Amidst the unprecedented challenges confronting Hong Kong, the Chamber has put forward five key recommendations on which the Government should be addressing as a matter of priority for the coming year. The Chamber has also included proposals that the Government should be looking at over the medium to long term.

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