Funding Schemes & Supporting Measures for SMEs

The Chamber hosted a seminar with and the Trade and Industry Department (TID) to introduce various services, funding and support measures that SMEs can use to grow their business.


GBA Mission to Ghana and Morocco <br/>加納、摩洛哥考察之旅

Mission to Ghana and Morocco

Delegates explore opportunities emerging in two rapidly developing African nations

Global Economy in an Age of Uncertainty<br/>環球經濟處於不確定世代

Global Economy in an Age of Uncertainty

In Hong Kong and major global economies, uncertainty and other factors are dragging down growth

Submission on Promoting the Use of Electric Vehicles

The Chamber welcomes and appreciates opportunity to comment on measures to promote the use of electric vehicles (EVs) in Hong Kong. We believe Hong Kong should look to EVs as a viable means to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and play to our advantages with respect to the city’s size, compactness and developed infrastructure in popularising the use of EVs.

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