Seizing Opportunities in the GBA

PC Yu, Convener of the GBA Working Group, said that the recently released "Outline Development Plan" clearly defines Hong Kong’s positioning and direction in the GBA, and proposes a deeper cooperation and integration within the region. He also said that the business community in Hong Kong is looking forward to participating in the continuing development of the GBA.

ATA Carnet in 20 Seconds

ATA Carnet is a passport for goods that allows businesses to import items temporarily without paying various duties or taxes. This also means they can skip the time-consuming paperwork that complying with such duties often entails. Mainland China has recently expanded its ATA Carnet scheme to allow businesses to bring professional equipment and commercials samples into the country duty-free temporarily.


The Battle Against Waste減廢之戰

The Battle Against Waste

Hong Kong has some catching up to do when it comes to recycling, but there are many benefits to being a greener city

External Events Expose Weak Spots外圍事件暴露弱點

External Events Expose Weak Spots

Drop in GDP growth and more cautious sentiment among consumers and businesses highlight Hong Kong’s vulnerability to outside pressures

Proposed Amendments to the raising penalties of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Legislation

The Chamber agrees with the Government's objective to lower rate of industrial accidents. However, the Chamber queries whether the proposed substantial increase in the maximum statutory level of penalties on businesses can achieve such objective. The Government should take a holistic approach and focus on other approaches to reducing industrial accidents, instead of simply increasing penalties and fines.

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