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Mark Slade, Chairman of the Shipping & Transport Committee, and moderator of this seminar, presenting a souvenir to the speaker Martin Tony Chen, DNV Area Business Development Director (Hong Kong and Taiwan).

Decarbonising Hong Kong 2050: Meeting the Challenges and Reaping the Benefits of the Blue Economy and Maritime Decarbonisation

On 24 November, Martin Tony Chen, DNV Area Business Development Director (Hong Kong and Taiwan), spoke on importance of the blue economy in combatting climate change, and the maritime industry’s efforts to identify viable energy alternatives to meet decarbonisation goals. He also provided an overview of the various green initiatives by the public and private sectors in Hong Kong, as well as the corresponding milestones achieved to date.

The seminar is organised under the umbrella of the annual Hong Kong Maritime Week is the sixth in a series of seminars organised by the Chamber under the theme of “Decarbonising Hong Kong 2050”.

Photo of Lyna Fong, Committee Chairman Jonathan Lamport, and Vice Chairman Dewan Saiful Alam and Edmond Yue

Asia & Africa Committee Meeting

We were glad to have Lyna Fong, Director of the Commercial Center of Cambodia, join us at our Asia & Africa Committee meeting on 23 November to update members on Cambodia’s latest business developments. Fong said despite challenges in the global economy, Cambodia’s growth was projected to bounce back to 6% in 2023. The country’s exports had grown by 28% year-on-year, thanks to sectors such as garments and textiles, bicycles, and agriculture performing strongly. Total investment in the country had also skyrocketed by 140%, especially in Special Economic Zones.

She explained that the New Investment Law launched in late 2021 had significantly improved the country’s business environment by guaranteeing investments more protection and compensation against unexpected sociopolitical events, encouraging good competition, providing more freedom in currency exchange and profit repatriation, and additional tax incentives to invest.

The committee also welcomed two new members, Nick Chan, Partner of Squire Patton Boggs, and Marshall Jen, Principal Family Advisor of Edlinked Ltd.


Practical Tips on Incident Response and Security Protection

On 23 November, Lawrence Law and Ng Yu On, Security Consultant of HKCERT spoke at a webinar on how to enhance the resilience of local SMEs in dealing with information security incidents and advice for SMEs with limited resources on how to maintain and upgrade the defence of their systems. The webinar was co-organised by the SME Committee of the HKGCC and HKCERT of HKPC.


Decarbonising Hong Kong 2050: How to Bridge ESG Gaps in Hong Kong's Real Estate Sector?

Although there is growing acceptance in the property sector on the importance of a ESG strategy in achieving sustainability, a major gap still exists between ESG goals and their implementation. At a seminar on 21 November, Colliers’ Hannah Jeong shared advice on reconciling such differences through such means as creating a set of ESG values. She was then joined by her colleague Andrew Lau, as well as Alex Bent from Undivided Ventures and Ellie Tang from Fidelity International, in a panel discussion on ways for landlords and tenants to work together in achieving carbon neutrality by enhancing building energy efficiency, purchasing carbon offsets, promoting the use of green leases, and building effective corporate governance to meet climate resilience objectives.

The seminar was presided over by Prof. Eric Ma, Chairman of the Chamber’s Real Estate and Infrastructure Committee.

This is the fifth in a series of seminars on ‘Decarbonising Hong Kong 2050’, which focuses on how the government, businesses and communities are working towards Hong Kong's goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Colliers International (Hong Kong) Ltd
Members enjoy a sharing from Anita Lam, Director and Head of Industries at Meta Greater China on metaverse opportunities

A Visit to Meta: Discovering Business Opportunities in the Metaverse

Members enjoyed an exclusive tour of the Meta office in Hong Kong on 18 November when Anita Lam, Director and Head of Industries at Meta Greater China, introduced the company’s metaverse initiatives and associated opportunities across various settings and industries such as gaming, retail, hotel, and education. Members also had a chance to explore the application of virtual reality (VR) technologies in business meetings through Meta’s proprietary VR system – Meta Quest.

Facebook Hong Kong Ltd
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