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Covid-19 and Risk Management: Strategies for Protecting Your Supply Chain

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted supply chains and affected trade around the world. At a Chamber webinar on 2 April, three experts spoke on the topic of "Covid-19 and Risk Management: Strategies for Protecting Your Supply Chain." 

Panellists Benjamin Kostrzewa, International Trade Attorney at Hogan Lovells; Sally Peng, Managing Director at FTI Consulting; and Michael McCool, Managing Director at AlixPartners, discussed the effects of Covid-19 on supply chains as well as issues such as how businesses can navigate government responses, export restrictions, border shutdowns and shipping issues during the present pandemic and in preparation for future destabilizing events.

The event was co-organized by HKGCC, the U.S. Commercial Service at the U.S. Consulate in Hong Kong, and Hogan Lovells.

Johannes Hack, Roland Vogt and Jennifer Chan

Challenges Ahead for Post-Brexit Europe

Johannes Hack, Chief Executive Hong Kong Branch, General Manager North Asia, DZ Bank AG shared his 2020 Europe economic forecast in the post-Brexit series webinar on 1 April. He said the post-Brexit European economy would be heavily affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 in short term, while the US-China trade war and decoupling crisis would be the medium-term drivers. Europe could however take the leading role to become the global standard setter on data and environmental protection by continuing the great effort put on implementing the GDPR and achieving the European Green Deal. He was joined by Dr Roland Vogt, Associate Professor, European Studies, The University of Hong Kong, who explained the post-Brexit institutional challenges faced by the EU, such as establishing trade deals and managing European security, which might lead to economic and political difficulties. He also pointed out some shortcomings of EU's response to Covid-19, which might bring challenges to the EU democratic governance.

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