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Mapping Out a Modernised Risk Management Strategy for the Future

In 2018, Dun & Bradstreet released a study entitled “The (R)Evolution of Risk Management” which revealed that many financial leaders around the world believed that it is particular challenging when being tasked with data and risk management. Given the rapid pace of change in the modern business world, there is a strong need for an optimisation of risk management strategies. Business that wish to maintain an edge over their competitors must act quick to bring in a modernised and streamedlined approach that harnesses the power of data and technology. At a lunchtime seminar on May 16, Michael Siu, Senior Solutions Architect and Michelle Tam, Product Director from Dun & Bradstreet spoke on how predictive/performance-based insights, and emerging technologies such as AI can enhance risk management. They also touched upon their recommendations to simplify the finance transition to modern risk management.


Revitalisation Scheme 2.0 in East Kowloon – What are the opportunities?

The Chief Executive has revived the revitalisation scheme of industrial buildings first introduced ten years ago. Under the new scheme, owners of industrial buildings, provided that they are pursuing or have completed revitalisation, are allowed to convert their properties into transitional housing for low-income families. At a roundtable luncheon on 10 May, Ms Rosanna Tang, Head of Research from Colliers, spoke on the prospects and opportunities arising from this Government initiative with particular emphasis on East Kowloon where a second Central Business District is gradually taking shape.

European General Data Protection Regulation

The European General Data Protection Regulation – What Hong Kong Businesses Need to Know

Duncan Gillespie, a UK-based independent legal consultant, spoke on the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at a well-attended seminar on 9 May. In his presentation, he highlighted the ways in which companies could find themselves in breach of the GDPR and what they could do to ensure compliance.


Driving Corporate Innovation & Digital Transformation in Business

The Hong Kong Awards for Industries is an annual event that is supported by the HKSAR Government to recognise the outstanding performance and achievements of Hong Kong enterprises in enhancing their competitiveness. As part of the effort to promote awareness of the Awards, the Chamber – in its capacity as the organiser of the Innovation and Creativity category – organized a seminar on 8 May during which three expert speakers were on hand to speak about the elements involved in fostering a culture of organisational innovation and creativity. They were respectively Andrew Young, Associate Director (Innovation), Innovation Department of Sino Land; Daniel Fung, Head of Strategy and Innovation of the Hong Kong and China Gas Company; and Jack Lau, Chairman of Swanland.AI. Participants were also briefed on the selection criteria for the award scheme.

Andrew Young's slideDaniel Fung's slideJack Lau's slide
Sino Land Company LimitedHong Kong & China Gas Company Limited, TheSwanland.AI Ltd
Canadian Consul General Residency

Visit the Canadian Consul General's Residence

Members enjoyed great Canadian hospitality during a visit to Consul General of Canada Jeff Nankivell’s residence on the morning of 7 May. The Consul General gave an overview of Canada’s business environment and some of its industries including fintech, green technologies, food, medical insurance and manufacturing. He also emphasized that Canada has a skilled and educated workforce. Consul General Nankivell pointed out to the visitors that many of the items of furniture and accessories in his home had been designed by Canadian artisans. Americas Committee Chairman Steve Wong led the Chamber delegation on the visit.

Consulate General of Canada, Commercial Division
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