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Joint Business Community Luncheon with the Honourable Mrs Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor

Joint Business Community Luncheon with the Honourable Mrs Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor

Carrie Lam, Chief Executive of the HKSAR, spoke to more  than 1,000 business leaders at the Joint Business Community Luncheon on 14 November. In her speech, she discussed her policies for the upcoming year, including  those dealing with the key issues of housing and land supply. In response to a question from the audience, the Chief Executive expanded on her plan to create more land through the Lantau Tomorrow Vision. The Chamber also invited over 30 local university and high school students to attend the event to give them the opportunity to learn more about the business world.

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Tax Corporate Governance: Global Trends and Best Practices

Tax Corporate Governance: Global Trends and Best Practices

Emily Marsden, EY Asia-Pacific Director for Tax Corporate Governance, spoke at a Chamber seminar on 9 November on the importance of implementing Tax Corporate Governance (TCG) in global organizations. She also provided practice advice on ways companies can develop an effective TCG framework to identify, mitigate and report tax risks.

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Creating A Unique Scent

When it comes to memory, our sense of smell is stronger than all our other senses. This means that scent marketing is a smart way to help customers remember and choose your company’s products. Richard Klitsie, Co-founder and Vice President of et-Projekt Hong Kong, shared how scent can help businesses to shape their product and brand image during an interactive Chamber workshop on 8 November. Klitsie explained that every individual has different preferences when it comes to smells, so the smart choice is to use scent at a subliminal level, to create happy feelings in customers. He also stressed the importance of the linkage between the scent chosen and the marketing message that the business wants to get across.

Linda Chan from Zegal and Priscilla Wong from Loeb & Loeb LLP depicting key elements in Employee Share Option Plans (ESOPs)

Retain Your Talent through ESOPs

Linda Chan from Zegal and Priscilla Wong from Loeb & Loeb LLP spoke on key elements and case law studies relating to Employee Share Option Plans (ESOPs) at a Chamber roundtable luncheon on 6 November. They also provided tips on setting up ESOPs addressing common concerns of businesses, especially relating to the practicalities in issues and exercise of options.


Crypto Marketplace @ Happy Hour

More than 150 members and guests attended the Chamber's Crypto Marketplace @ Happy Hour event on 5 November to network over a few drinks and hear about the latest developments in the crypto space. Ten key players from the local crypto community showcased their products and services during the event. They represented a number of different areas within the crypto sector -- including venture capitalists, crypto exchange operators, initial coin offering project founders, program developers, hardware providers, legal advisers and industry association representatives – giving attendees a great opportunity to learn about the various opportunities available.

The event also included an insightful and interesting panel discussion on the latest developments in crypto technology and markets. Aurelien Menant, Founder and CEO of Gatecoin; James Quinn, Head of Markets at Kenetic; Kevin Loo, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of CryptAM; and Leonhard Weese, President of the Hong Kong Bitcoin Association, exchanged views on the latest applications of crypto and blockchain technologies, as well as market trends and investment options in the crypto sector. They also discussed the latest statement issued by the Securities and Futures Commission on imposing licensing conditions on managers of virtual asset portfolios and distributors of virtual asset funds, as well as the introduction of a regulatory sandbox for virtual asset trading platforms.

The event was hosted by the Chamber's Vice Chairman Leland Sun, who was joined by General Committee Members Jennifer Chan and Nicholas Brooke, and Chamber CEO Shirley Yuen in a toast to the Chamber and the local crypto community.

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