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Europe Committee Country Briefing Series on the Netherlands

Innovation and Sustainability in the Netherlands

Country Briefing Series

The Europe Committee organized a country briefing series roundtable luncheon to look into sustainable development and innovation in the Netherlands on 22 January. During the luncheon, Consul General Annemieke Ruigrok gave an introduction of the country while Aart Jan den Hartog from ING Bank introduced the developments and characteristics of the Dutch economy. It is followed by a discussion on Netherlands’ amazing innovative and sustainable projects, such as Wonderwoods and Station Driebergen-zeist, conducted by Grant Sprick from Arcadis. Members were interested in applying the green-technology in Hong Kong.

Stephen Schwartz was sharing his views.

2020 Economic Outlook for Asia-Pacific: Policy Easing Amid Trade Uncertainty

Stephen Schwartz, Senior Director and Head of the Asia-Pacific Sovereign team at Fitch Ratings, shared his views on the sovereign credit and economic outlook for the Asia Pacific at a roundtable luncheon on 22 January. He told members that key areas to watch in the region include fiscal and monetary policy, domestic demand, volatility from shifting interest rates and policy expectations, the U.S.-China trade frictions, geopolitical tensions, and corporate and household debt.

2020 Economic Outlook for Asia-Pacific: Policy Easing Amid Trade UncertaintyVideo
Wendy Liu of UBS Investment Bank

Year Ahead 2020 – Investing in China


Wendy Liu, Head of China Strategy at UBS Investment Bank, spoke to members about investment prospects in the Mainland in 2020. Speaking at a roundtable luncheon on 20 January, Liu said that although the slowdown of economic growth in China and the rest of the world has made many investors feel uncertain, she remains positive about the investment outlook for China in the year ahead. Liu suggested members should pay attention to sector leaders who are undergoing reform, opening-up and innovation as good targets for investment.

Disruptive technologies creating unique customer experience

Creating Exceptional Customer Experience with Tech

Jacky Ting, Head of Innovation and Digital Transformation at Midas, part of Milton Exhibits Group, explained to members how different types of advanced technology can be used in the events and retail industries, among others, to create an unparalleled customer experience.

Speaking at a roundtable luncheon on 20 January, Ting shared some inspirational case studies of technology adoption. These included an online manpower and safety management platform, and a number of eye-catching ways that businesses can use AR and VR technology to provide a unique experience for customers.

Ting also pointed out that cost of using such technology had been substantially lowered, making digital transformation more affordable for SMEs.

Milton Exhibits (Hong Kong) Ltd
YEC Football Practice

YEC Football Practice

The YEC football team had its first game of the new year on 17 January on the rooftop of Artyzen Club. Members enjoyed playing in this new venue and had a few friendly games with members from other local youth committees.

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