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China’s Investment in Africa and its Implications for Europe

Dr Alicia Garcia-Herrero, Chief Economist for Asia Pacific, NATIXIS, shared the findings and insights from her latest research on China's investment in Africa at a roundtable luncheon on 18 September. She discussed on the structure of China’s FDI into Africa, and the dominating influence of European investments on the continent. Members learned how China should refocus its investment strategy in Africa in order to create more jobs to sustain investments in long term.


Asia & Africa Committee Meeting

The Asia and Africa Committee held its Committee meeting on 18 September. Mr Joon Koo Lee, Deputy Director at Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), gave members an update on business environment and investment climate in Korea and KOTRA’s work in Hong Kong. He told members that the number of foreign companies investing in Korea rose tenfold from 1,600 in 1990 to almost 19,000 in 2018. Companies have been attracted by Korea’s top macroeconomic stability, as well its innovative competitiveness, as the country topped Bloomberg’s Innovation Index for 6 consecutive years. Korea is the world’s leading producer of DRAM, displays, ship-building, chemicals and smartphones. With a relatively low labour cost in developed countries and the abundance of skilled workers, Lee said Korea was an ideal destination to set-up high-tech manufacturing plants and R&D factories.

Meeting with Utah Delegation

Meeting with Trade Delegation from Utah

A trade delegation from Utah led by Justin Harding, Chief of Staff, and Val Hale, Minister of Economy of Governor’s Office of Economic Development, State of Utah, together with officials and businesses from six industry clusters – outdoor industry, food/agriculture, life sciences, aerospace/defense, financial services and economic development – of Utah visited the Chamber on 17 September. The delegates were welcomed by Chamber Chairman Aron Harilela, Vice Chairman Leland Sun, Americas Committee Vice Chairmen Mark Michelson and Evaristo Trevino Berlanga.

The delegates were eager to learn more about the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA), so Dr Tse Kwok Leung, Head of Policy and Economic Research BOC (HK), gave an overview about the initiative and shared his insights on the opportunities and challenges in the GBA. While Dr Lawrence Cheung, Chief Innovation Officer, HKPC, spoke about innovation and technology development and implementation in Hong Kong. He introduced some of the latest developments including the AI & Robotics Research Centre. He also shared some innovative processes that are in operation in Hong Kong, including street cone-handling robots, automated distribution centres and high-pressure food processing, which can extend the shelf life of fresh fruit juice from four to 40 days.

Bank of China (Hong Kong) LtdHong Kong Productivity Council

Meeting on Doing Business and Investing in Ghana

To give members a better understanding of the country before embarking on the mission to Ghana and Morocco, the Asia & Africa Committee organized a meeting where Alicia Garcia-Herrero, Chief Economist for Asia Pacific at NATIXIS and Andrew Wells, Convenor of the Chamber’s Belt and Road Working Group, shared their insights about Ghana’s business environment and investment climate.

Wells gave members a brief background of Ghana and explained that the country possessed strong cultural heritage and hence opportunities in tourism. Minerals such as diamonds and gemstones, as well as cocoa, were also ripe for exports. He said Chinese officials had frequented the continent in the past decade and Ghana was one of the major countries to receive attention. Garcia-Herrero told members that the country’s macroeconomic management had improved under the IMF programme and with the help of newly discovered oil resources since 2011. However there were risks as fiscal accounts remained weak and the country was still heavily dependent on foreign investors to finance fiscal debt. She advised members take advantage of the asymmetric opening of Ghana’s market to EU goods and opportunities in the gold and cocoa business.

Four experts discussed the entrepreneurial landscape in Hong Kong and the findings of the report

Transforming Hong Kong through Entrepreneurship

KPMG China is collaborating with Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund to keep track of the city’s entrepreneurial development trajectory, and has initiated an annual review of the local landscape. The inaugural report from this collaboration, titled “Transforming Hong Kong Through Entrepreneurship,” was released recently. At a roundtable luncheon on 12 September, four experts discussed the entrepreneurial landscape in Hong Kong and the findings of the report. Irene Chu, KPMG China's Head of New Economy and Life Sciences for Hong Kong, said the study had revealed that  Hong Kong’s entrepreneurs tend to be fueled by a strong sense of purpose. Their motivations for going into entrepreneurship are often to develop new technologies and advance the development of their communities, with less regard for monetary factors and personal career agendas. Also at the event, Cindy Chow, Executive Director of Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund; David Chung, Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology; and Ricky Chiu, CEO of Phase Scientific, shared their views on the environment for start-ups in Hong Kong.

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