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The Chamber's core function is to lobby on behalf of businesses' interests to ensure the competitiveness and integrity of the Hong Kong business community. We regularly submit policy statements and proposals to enhance our business environment. We urge all members to contribute your views and suggestions on how we can hone Hong Kong's position as one of the best places in the world to do business.
Development of Site 3 at Central Harbourfront

Hong Kong’s iconic Central Harbourfront is of key importance to the city, therefore the Chamber believes that the highest price should not be the main criterion when determining who wins the tender for the development of Site 3. A “two-envelope” approach -- whereby design proposals are assessed before financial submissions are considered -- would help ensure that the development provides a pleasant environment for citizens while helping maximize the city’s appeal to tourists.

Proposed enhancements to the HKQAA's Green Finance Certification Scheme

The Chamber supports the establishment of a Green Finance Certification Scheme although it believes enhancements should be made to the existing framework.

Public Consultation on the Review of the Statutory Minimum Wage Rate (“the Review”): Response by Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce ("HKGCC")

In view of Hong Kong’s strong economic performance and a positive outlook, HKGCC agrees that a moderate increase in SMW could be considered. Nevertheless, we should note that an excessive hike in the level of SMW could have a number of dire consequences. Therefore, attention should be given to a basket of factors such as the economic conditions, supply and demand, impact to businesses and cost of living, among others when reviewing SMW.

Hundreds of experts serving on the Chamber's committees contribute their knowledge and  insights to develop concrete, practical proposals for strengthening Hong Kong's business environment. See our past work and share with us you views on what you would like to see done.


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