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Hamburg Sud Hong Kong Ltd

Sailing Abreast Of the Market

Having been with Hamburg Sud for 24 years, Stefan Kirschner relocated to Hong Kong in 2011 and is now the Managing Director, Region Asia Pacific of Hamburg Sud Hong Kong Ltd.

Interview Date: 2016/07

ISI-Dentsu of Hong Kong, Ltd

High-Tech Solutions for the Corporate World

For over four decades, ISID has been providing cutting-edge solutions for international corporations while continuing to grow, writes William Ngo

Interview Date: 2016/06

Wings Trading (HK) Company Limited

Sustained Growth with the Chamber

Back in 1980, Benson Pau was looking to apply for a Certificate of Origin provider from among several designated associations in town. He eventually chose HKGCC and then decided to become a member because he believed that the Chamber could provide professional and immediate support to his new business –Wings Trading (HK) Company Limited, a service-oriented and quality-conscious supplier of house wares.

Interview Date: 2016/06


In Association with HKGCC for Over 20 Years

After Richard Pyvis studied in Tokyo in the early ’70s, he devoted himself to the financial services sector in the ensuing four decades.

Interview Date: 2016/05

Schoolteam (Asia) Ltd

Building Up Education with IT

“Education shapes our society, so we need to provide good learning tools for our young people,” said Anthony Koo.

Interview Date: 2016/05

Tung Fat Ho Building Material Ltd

Thriving With Changes

Tung Fat Ho exemplifies how sound leadership and a firm philosophy can help a small business step up and assume a leading position, writes William Ngo

Interview Date: 2016/05

Tenson Medicare Co Ltd

Chamber Events Inspire Us to Think Big

As the person in charge of business development at Tenson Medicare Co Ltd, Shirley Ng has often had to use her extensive sales and marketing experience to help the company survive difficult times and grow over the years.

Interview Date: 2016/04

Heng Yue Yen Long Kwon

Sharing the Virtues of Kung Fu

Bringing an ancient art into the modern era

Interview Date: 2016/03

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