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Quality Tourism Services Association

Putting Quality First

Across Hong Kong, customers know that when they see the QTS decals from the Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme, they can expect to receive a superior standard of service.

Interview Date: 2018/05

Intertrust Hong Kong Ltd

Building a People Business

Like many expats, James Donnan initially came to Hong Kong on a short-term contract but enjoyed the dynamic environment so much he decided to stay

Interview Date: 2018/04

Lifa Air Ltd

Breath of Fresh Air

Back in 1988, when Vesa Makipaa set up Lifa Air in Helsinki, Finland, few people were concerned about indoor air quality

Interview Date: 2018/04

HLB Hodgson Impey Cheng Limited

Global Outlook With a Personal Touch

Under Chairman Raymond Cheng, HLB Hodgson Impey Cheng Limited has continued to grow from a modestly sized outfit into one of Hong Kong’s leading accounting firms. It is currently ranked number six in terms of the number of listed companies it audits, and fifth in the Hong Kong IPO reporting accountant market, having completed 14 successful IPOs in 2017.

Interview Date: 2018/03


Princely Seal of Approval

“Hong Kong is my home,” said Henri Leimer. The CEO of LGT (Asia) grew up in Liechtenstein, but has spent the past 27 years in Hong Kong and has three grown-up children who were all born and raised here.

Interview Date: 2018/03

Melchers (HK) Ltd

Rooted in Asia

Building strong networks and looking to the long term has helped Melchers survive and thrive over two centuries, Bjoern Lindner tells The Bulletin’s Editor Helen Sloan

Interview Date: 2018/02

FORMIA Airline Supplies Ltd

A Touch of In-Flight Luxury

Spotting a gap in the market for in-flight amenity kits with a touch of luxury led FORMIA to its successful niche in the airline supplies sector. The company partners with global brands to create indulgent kits that serve as high-end gifts as well as providing useful items for travelers.

Interview Date: 2018/02

Equiom Holdings (Hong Kong) Ltd

The Power of Partnership

Equiom may be a relatively new name in the professional services sector in Hong Kong, but Laure Mathieu is no stranger to the business and finance fields in Asia.

Interview Date: 2018/01

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