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“I     have not achieved anything yet in my life, as I am still fighting every day,” said Eric Wong, Chairman and CEO of Richburg Corporation Ltd. “Battles have wins and losses, so I keep fighting and working smarter every day.”

Wong is also a newspaper and magazine columnist, the author of more than 20 books, and has studied at Harvard Business School, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and INSEAD.

He grew up in a local grassroots family, and was admitted to the Police Training School in the 1980s, which changed his outlook on life.

“I totally transformed to become a tough, persistent and disciplined person,” he said. “Meanwhile, I learned to be innovative. I detected crimes by using first-generation computers, and raised video-aided evidence in High Court trials.”

He worked his way up to become Acting Chief Inspector in Mongkok, taking charge of vice, drugs and gambling operations. But the birth of his first child marked another turning point.

“I didn’t want to limit my life by remaining a police officer. I wanted to become an entrepreneur.”

Demonstrating a fearless spirit, Wong tendered his resignation amid the 1997 financial crisis, and launched Richburg Corporation, a luxury car-trading business. After a few years it started to focus on luxury MPVs, then a new trend for Hong Kong.

Richburg moved into the motor sports world in 2011, organizing races in the Macau Grand Prix, and leading motor sports teams to race in Japan, Malaysia and Mainland China

“I also run the Lotus franchises in Hong Kong, Singapore and Macao,” Wong added.

Richburg joined HKGCC in 2008, Wong said, because he believes that the Chamber can help companies contribute to the community in Hong Kong.

“My business is widely connected to local entrepreneurs and business units hoping to share, support and give something back to society. The Chamber is the best platform for action.” 

Wong has also been a member of the Retail and Tourism Committee since 2009, and appreciates the support that the Chamber gives to local businesses. “HKGCC has the longest brand history in Hong Kong. It is very helpful in supporting entrepreneurs as well as start-ups in their business operations.” 


Company: Richburg Corporation Ltd

HKGCC Membership No.: HKR0302

Established: 2000


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