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C.K. Lee & Associates

Investing in Human Capital

As a child, C.K. Lee grew up knowing the value of hard work. His father started as a shop apprentice and worked his way up to running a seafood products retail business in Sai Ying Pun.

Interview Date: 2017/12

Cafe de Coral

Fast food group continues to grow despite hard times

Pouring out of lifts at the start of the midday rush, Hong Kong workers bounce lunch suggestions off each other: Noodles? Sandwich? Lunchbox? Pizza? Food court? And more often than not, Cafe de Coral features among the few brand names listed as options.

Interview Date: 2003/06

Cafe de Coral Holdings Ltd

“The Canteen of Hong Kong”

Cafe de Coral celebrates 50 years of serving a diverse range of good quality and affordable food, reports the Chamber’s staff writer Caleb Cheung

Interview Date: 2018/10

Caltex Oil Hong Kong

Helping improve air quality for a better quality of life

Traffic and air pollution seem to go hand in hand, or for pedestrians hand over mouth. But for Caltex, air pollution is a battle that needs to be won.

Interview Date: 2003/12


Providing Solutions, Not Just Services

CPA firm helps clients make informed decisions

Interview Date: 2022/12

Celki Medical Company

Helping Hong Kong breathe a little easier

Many a business success story has inspired an entrepreneur to strike out on his own. So it seems a little odd that someone would set up shop on the basis of a business idea that flopped.

Interview Date: 2002/09

Censpot Trading Corporation Ltd

Seeking Wonder for Tech Success

Curiosity and a youthful outlook helps Censpot to keep abreast of trends and serve its clients, reports the Chamber’s staff writer German Cheung

Interview Date: 2020/05

Central Business Information Ltd

Pursuing Truth

CBI provides efficient and accurate business information while constantly keeping up with the latest industry methodology, reports the Chamber’s staff writer Ray Lai

Interview Date: 2017/07

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