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Staying the Course

Throughout her career, Carmen Ng has continued to accept new challenges, including new jobs, responsibilities and continuing study, and is registered with a number of recognized bodies. Today, she is the Practicing Director of Cosmos CPA Ltd, which provides a wide range of auditing and assurance services, ranging from statutory audits of SMEs to special purpose reports for listed companies.

Before setting up her own professional practice CPA firm, Ng worked for two of the “big four” global accountancy firms. Today, besides running Cosmos CPA, she is the independent non-executive director of several listed companies, and one of the owners of a licensed asset management company in Hong Kong.

As an SME, Cosmos CPA has not always faced an easy ride, as Ng explains, including pressure from the changing business environment and Hong Kong’s manpower constraints.

“We have faced big challenges because of disruptive advanced technology, lack of interest among the younger generation in joining SME firms, and the increasing complexity of the accounting standards and legal requirements.”

Ng did not back off in the face of such challenges – on the contrary, she doubled down and equipped herself with an impressive range of academic credentials including a Doctor of Business Administration from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Cosmos CPA joined the Chamber in 2010. Ng said that she is particularly interested in sharing knowledge with other SMEs, including her own experience of setting up and running an SME.

“I trust my presence will let me contribute my knowledge in the financial industries and also represent SMEs, to share industry knowledge among my SME peers,” she said.

“As a member of both the Finance & Treasury Services Committee and the Taxation Committee, I have been given the chance to understand others market players’ needs and expectations,” Ng said, adding that this is one of her biggest benefits of being a member.

Ng noted that the Chamber’s social events give her the chance to meet people from different backgrounds as well as the opportunity to network with officials and businesspeople.

She also appreciates that the Chamber is a good way that businesses, particularly smaller ones, can ensure that their concerns and opinions are heard.

“HKGCC is one of the recognized organizations that market players give credit to, and they value its voice,” Ng said.


Company: Cosmos CPA Ltd

HKGCC Membership No.: HKC0984

Established: 2009


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