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Bringing Order to Document Management

Yu says Fuji Xerox's advantage over others is its complete range of products, from simple home-use printers to office document management solutions to high-speed printing presses.

The way we create and manage documents now is very different from around five years ago, but surprisingly many companies are still wasting valuable time and storage space searching for and filing documents in the traditional way, Joseph Yu, Managing Director for Fuji Xerox Hong Kong explained. "Because of this, multi-functional digital devices together with document management solutions are where we expect future growth in the office equipment market to come from."

Interview Date: 2008/08

Hitting the China Bullseye

As a pioneer in developing trade and exhibitions in the Mainland, Adsale has never lost focus of its goal.

The business bookshelves are crammed with tales of innovation, new business models, and technology breakthroughs promising huge financial returns for following the latest management fads. Yet one of the golden rules of business that many of them fail to even mention is "focus."

Interview Date: 2008/08

PR in the Spotlight

I have always believed that professionals don't need people managing them. This is a 'people' industry, so all staff have to be professional...

Just twelve years ago, Mr Tsang, Chairman and Managing Director of Strategic Public Relations Group (SPRG), set up his public relations company with a staff of just five. Today, he says SPRG is the largest public relations company in the SAR, employing around 110 staff in Hong Kong alone.

Interview Date: 2008/08

Regal Entrepreneurial Spirit

Today, Mr Yam is a model of the Hong Kong entrepreneurial spirit, and proof of how determination and hard work can be rewarded with success for those willing to try.

When Kenneth Yam dropped out of high school at 17, his prospects seemed bleak. His parents persuaded the owner of an Indian trading company, which they worked with, to offer him a job as a messenger, and he found himself thrown in at the deep-end of working life of 1960s Hong Kong.

Interview Date: 2008/08

Metro Finance: Music to the Ears

Born to be bold, Metro Finance is expanding its presence in the Mainland

Whenever you take a taxi, more often than not, the driver will be listening to Metro Finance 104FM, the flagship program produced by 17-year-old Metro Broadcast. Despite being one of the youngest radio shows in the territory, it is regarded as the number-one financial news channel in Hong Kong.

Interview Date: 2008/01

Ocean's Bounty

Mr Yuen says entrepreneurs must always be on the lookout for a new opportunity, and be prepared to share those ideas with a business partner and staff.

I'm just like a bee -- diligent, happy and always flying around on the lookout for something good, says Andrew Yuen, Managing Director of On Kun Hong Ltd.

Interview Date: 2008/01

Global Sources

Entrepreneur turns a good idea turns into a global publishing and events management empire

People call Merle Hinrichs the grandfather of online B2B trade. "And that is not just because of my age," the 66-year-old quips. As Chairman and CEO of Global Sources, he has been blazing the global trail of trade since he published his first export trade magazine in February 1971, under the banner Asian Sources.

Interview Date: 2006/04

AsiaPay Filling Niches

Providing an affordable option to businesses that need to conduct online transactions

AsiaPay spotted a niche created by budding entrepreneurs and set up a digital payment service that is convenient and secure, and affordable enough to be used by everyone from a small corner florist to a virtual storeowner operating out of their bedroom.

Interview Date: 2005/09

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