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Getz Bros & Co (Hong Kong) Ltd

The Power of Marketing

Philip Ho has built a solid career in the marketing and sales sector since he first entered the workforce in the early 1980s. Through hard work and a passion for his profession, he worked his way up the career ladder, having held management positions at Glaxo (now GSK) and JDH (now LF Asia). Today, he is Deputy Managing Director of Getz Bros & Co (Hong Kong), after being with the company for over 15 years.

Interview Date: 2017/03

Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong

Bridging the Gap in Healthcare

Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong works towards a more equitable healthcare system by offering fee-transparent and innovative services

Interview Date: 2022/10

Global Institute For Tomorrow Ltd

A Brand New Perspective

In a changing world, a Hong Kong based Pan-Asian think-tank seeks to provide companies with an alternative approach to business and to the world, reports guest writer Justin Wong

Interview Date: 2014/08

Global Sources

Entrepreneur turns a good idea turns into a global publishing and events management empire

People call Merle Hinrichs the grandfather of online B2B trade. "And that is not just because of my age," the 66-year-old quips. As Chairman and CEO of Global Sources, he has been blazing the global trail of trade since he published his first export trade magazine in February 1971, under the banner Asian Sources.

Interview Date: 2006/04

Gobigcat Ltd

Second Life for Industrial Assets

Gobigcat helps companies to unlock value in secondhand machinery and idle equipment

Interview Date: 2020/10

Golden Resources Development Ltd

White Gold

Golden Resource has been providing high-quality rice to Hong Kong citizens for over 70 years while adapting to the times, writes staff reporter Milly Lo

Interview Date: 2017/02

Golden Sun Home Products Ltd

A Cut Above

Golden Sun Home Products has carved out a reputation as the purveyor of beautifully designed kitchen utensils, including its Pro-balance range of knives

Interview Date: 2018/06

Goodway Electrical

What started out as a side-venture producing mini travel irons grew into a multi-million dollar, global business

Only LW Choi may know with any certainty what emotions were surging through his veins when he first decided to switch the production of his 20-year-old business from radios to irons. That was more than 20 years ago, after then Hong Kong Governor Sir MacLehose urged businesses to diversify their production lines.

Interview Date: 2004/06

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