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M Moser Associates Ltd

Architects of the Workplace

M Moser Associates are experts in the world of designing top-class offices, reports Chamber staff writer Anthony Cheng

Interview Date: 2019/10

Mashreq Bank (PSC)

Facilitating Investment Flow

Acareer in the banking sector has allowed Chermaine Lai, Country Manager of Mashreq Bank Hong Kong, to live in seven different cities over the past 17 years

Interview Date: 2018/08

Melchers (HK) Limited[The Chamber's Oldest Members]

Although the HKGCC's role in the trading life of Melchers (HK) Ltd. has diminished somewhat, John Borland, managing director of the company, still believes the relationship is an important one.

Interview Date: 2002/09

Melchers (HK) Ltd

Rooted in Asia

Building strong networks and looking to the long term has helped Melchers survive and thrive over two centuries, Bjoern Lindner tells The Bulletin’s Editor Helen Sloan

Interview Date: 2018/02

Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd

Getting Connected Across Industries

One of the world’s leading international trade fair organizers, German-headquartered Messe Frankfurt GmbH has its regional headquarters set up in Hong Kong as Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd. Stephan Buurma joined Messe Frankfurt GmbH at its German headquarters in 1995, and relocated to Hong Kong in 2001. Now the Managing Director of both Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd and Messe Frankfurt Asia Holding Ltd, Buurma is also a member of the Extended Board of Management of Messe Frankfurt GmbH.

Interview Date: 2017/02

Metro Finance: Music to the Ears

Born to be bold, Metro Finance is expanding its presence in the Mainland

Whenever you take a taxi, more often than not, the driver will be listening to Metro Finance 104FM, the flagship program produced by 17-year-old Metro Broadcast. Despite being one of the youngest radio shows in the territory, it is regarded as the number-one financial news channel in Hong Kong.

Interview Date: 2008/01

Middlesex Services Ltd

Focus on Flexible Learning

Middlesex University collaborates with top Hong Kong institutions to give students an array of study options

Interview Date: 2022/11

Modern Century Sea Freight Ltd

Setting Sail For Success

After graduating in 1983 with a degree in biology, Yiu Ming Chan was all set for a career in teaching

Interview Date: 2018/07

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