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Black & Veatch Hong Kong Ltd

Unleashing Creativity

Our shortage of land and increasing population have pushed Hong Kong’s engineers to raise their creativity to a whole new level, writes Fion Chui

Interview Date: 2013/06

International Montessori School, The

Making a Difference

HKGCC helps secure more international school places

Interview Date: 2013/04

Yew Chung International School

Global Education

As Yew Chung International Schools (YCIS) celebrated its 80th anniversary recently, Fion Chui spoke with the school’s director, Dr Betty Chan Po-king, about its philosophy, and the challenges it has faced along the road to becoming a success in international education

Interview Date: 2013/03

Lane Crawford (Hong Kong) Ltd

A Workspace for Nurturing Creativity

The Lane Crawford Joyce Group’s new headquarters provides a creative environment to stimulate inspiration and innovation, writes Fion Chui

Interview Date: 2012/12

The Hong Kong Standards & Testing Centre Ltd

Testing & Certification Poised for Growth

The testing and certification industry has been added as a new economic pillar for Hong Kong’s future development

Interview Date: 2012/02

QNet Ltd

Direct Selling: A Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity

QNet is empowered millions of people in Asia to become entrepreneurs

Interview Date: 2010/12

Scarfell Enterprises Ltd

The Flying Dutchman of Hong Kong

Seven years after releasing his autobiography titled 'Far East of Amsterdam,' long-serving Chamber member Joop Litmaath talks with The Bulletin Editor Malcolm Ainsworth about his revised version, 'The Flying Dutchman of Hong Kong,' and his inspiration for the book

Interview Date: 2010/03


CPCNet, a subsidiary of Citic Pacific, offers various packages based on its Connect backbone.

Recent disclosures of confidential information highlight just how easy it is for electronic data to fall into the wrong hands. "The chance of this kind of thing happening is far higher than many people believe," Stephen Ho, CEO of CPCNet Hong Kong, explained. "People are trying to break into companies' networks all the time for one reason or another, so there is a real threat not just from lax management of data, but also from external forces."

Interview Date: 2008/09

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