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Newtech Technology Co Ltd

A Thriving Hub for Data

Rapid advances in technology mean that data centre infrastructure services are in high demand across the region

Interview Date: 2021/07

Nexstgo Co Ltd

Tailor-made Tech

Personalised products help Nexstgo stand out in the technology marketplace

Interview Date: 2019/12

Ngong Ping 360 Ltd

Gateway to Lantau

As one of Hong Kong’s most well-known attractions, Ngong Ping 360 has earned widespread recognition and made top-10 lists such as “10 of the world’s most amazing cable car experiences” on and “Cable cars: 10 amazing rides around the world” in the Daily Telegraph, among others.

Interview Date: 2017/05

Nin Jiom Medicine Manufactory

'Nin Jiom' stands the test of time

Ask almost any Chinese person what is the best cure for a cough and they will most likely tell you "Pei Pa Koa Cough Syrup."

Interview Date: 2003/01

Nisha Electronic Industries

Hong Kong made dreams come true for Indian entrepreneur

Ever since he was a child, Manohar Chugh had dreamed of travelled around the world. His journey began in the former province of Sindh, India, where he was born into a well-to-do family. His father owned several shops and life was comfortable for the family. All that changed in 1947 when British rule in India ended.

Interview Date: 2003/01

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