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JAC Recruitment Hong Kong Co Ltd

Reliable Talent Acquisition

JAC Recruitment specializes in addressing the need for skilled professionals in the post-pandemic world

Interview Date: 2022/11

Jacksons & Brothers Co Ltd

Finding a Niche

Spotting an opportunity in the metal products market gave Jacky Lam, Managing Director of Jackson & Brothers Co Ltd, the confidence to give up his day job

Interview Date: 2018/09

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.

JAL Flying High

Japan Airlines has its sights set on delivering outstanding customer service to keep recovery securely on course, writes staff reporter Hilda Pun

Interview Date: 2015/01

Jardines[The Chamber's Oldest Members]

Jardines originated in the late 18th century, in the days of the East India Company, which, by virtue of a Royal Charter, held the monopoly of trade between Great Britain, India and the Far East.

Interview Date: 2002/06

Jebsen & Co Ltd[The Chamber's Oldest Members]

Jebsen & Co was established in Hong Kong in 1895 by two partners, Jacob Jebsen and Heinrich Jessen. Initially operating as shipping agents, the company branched out into trading at an early stage.

Interview Date: 2002/09

JFU Consultant (Hong Kong) Ltd

A Passion For Tax

Candy Tuen, a partner at JFU Consultants (Hong Kong) Ltd, embarked on her fruitful career as an accountant by accident

Interview Date: 2018/12

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