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Strollers for the City

At BABYZEN, innovation and practicality are at the heart of its products.

Interview Date: 2019/09

Bank Consortium Trust Co Ltd

BCT’s Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibilities

For BCT Group, helping Hong Kong people reach their retirement goals and serving the wider community are both things they do well. The group, whose CEO & Managing Director since 2002 has been Lau Ka Shi, comprises BCT Financial Ltd and Bank Consortium Trust Co Ltd, an MPF product provider.

Interview Date: 2017/01

Birdland (Hong Kong) Ltd (KFC Hong Kong and Macao)

Top Choice for Chicken

Innovation in menus, service and operations helps KFC to keep its customers coming back for more

Interview Date: 2022/07

Black & Veatch Hong Kong Ltd

Unleashing Creativity

Our shortage of land and increasing population have pushed Hong Kong’s engineers to raise their creativity to a whole new level, writes Fion Chui

Interview Date: 2013/06

BMW Concessionaires (HK) Ltd

Driving Perfection

Joseph Lau knows a thing or two about cars. Having worked in the automobile sector for over 25 years, the Managing Director of BMW Concessionaires for Hong Kong and Macao is as passionate about the industry as the day he first started working.

Interview Date: 2017/09

Boncafé (Hong Kong) Ltd

Passion for Coffee

From bean to cup, Boncafe takes care of every detail to guarantee a great brew

Interview Date: 2020/11

Bringing Order to Document Management

Yu says Fuji Xerox's advantage over others is its complete range of products, from simple home-use printers to office document management solutions to high-speed printing presses.

The way we create and manage documents now is very different from around five years ago, but surprisingly many companies are still wasting valuable time and storage space searching for and filing documents in the traditional way, Joseph Yu, Managing Director for Fuji Xerox Hong Kong explained. "Because of this, multi-functional digital devices together with document management solutions are where we expect future growth in the office equipment market to come from."

Interview Date: 2008/08

BSL Containers Ltd

Ensuring Safety First

BSL Oilfield Services tackles tough conditions to deliver essential equipment to offshore platforms, reports the Chamber’s staff writer Anthony Cheng

Interview Date: 2020/04

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