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Middlesex Services Ltd

Focus on Flexible Learning

Middlesex University collaborates with top Hong Kong institutions to give students an array of study options

Interview Date: 2022/11

ESG Matters Ltd

Mapping Smart ESG Paths

ESG Matters Ltd integrates IoT with dashboard solutions to help companies achieve sustainable goals

Interview Date: 2022/10

Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong

Bridging the Gap in Healthcare

Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong works towards a more equitable healthcare system by offering fee-transparent and innovative services

Interview Date: 2022/10

Dorsey & Whitney

Legal Solutions in a Complex World

With its new office in Central, Dorsey & Whitney renews its commitment to Hong Kong and looks forward to helping clients navigate today’s uncertain business landscape

Interview Date: 2022/09

Innovative Directions Ltd

Turnaround Experts

Innovative Directions specializes in helping struggling businesses return to profitability

Interview Date: 2022/09

Sheraton Hong Kong Tung Chung Hotel

Greener Side of the City

Tung Chung hotel makes the most of its Lantau setting and local community to provide a relaxing break for residents and visitors

Interview Date: 2022/08

YOOV Internet Technology Ltd

Driving Digital Efficiency

YOOV’s online platforms help businesses to save time and resources by digitizing their operations

Interview Date: 2022/08

Birdland (Hong Kong) Ltd (KFC Hong Kong and Macao)

Top Choice for Chicken

Innovation in menus, service and operations helps KFC to keep its customers coming back for more

Interview Date: 2022/07

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Over the years, we have helped businesses overcome adversity and thrive locally, in Mainland China and internationally.

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