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Asia International School Limited

Pursuing Educational Excellence

Asia International School Limited draws from the 450-year heritage of Harrow School in the UK for its institutions in various locations, including Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area

Interview Date: 2023/11

Dale Carnegie Training

Transforming Learning Experiences

Dale Carnegie Training’s corporate programmes ensure that participants can apply what they learn in real-world situations, leading to meaningful performance

Interview Date: 2023/11

X Social Group Ltd

Delivering Digital Solutions

X Social Group provides specialized consulting services in Web 3.0 through innovative blockchain and retail technology applications

Interview Date: 2023/10

CLPe Solutions Ltd

Delivering Energy Solutions

CLPe offers innovative business models with end-to-end energy management, enabling companies to adopt sustainable low-carbon practices

Interview Date: 2023/09

Gusto Collective Ltd

Brand Tech Expertise

From AR/XR experiences to Web 3 turnkey solutions, Gusto Collective uses the latest technology to help clients tell their stories in a more dynamic manner

Interview Date: 2023/09

Dante Alighieri Society Ltd

The Italian Connection

Besides offering language courses, the Dante Alighieri Society seeks to promote Italian culture in Hong Kong through various cultural events, from cooking classes to opera nights

Interview Date: 2023/08

JC Motor Ltd

On the Fast Track to a Green Hong Kong

Automobile company JC Motor Ltd is promoting the use of electric cars to make transport emission-free, in line with Hong Kong’s goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050

Interview Date: 2023/08

FC Barcelona

In a League of its Own

FC Barcelona, which opened its Hong Kong office in 2013, continues to be a game changer not only in sports but also education and innovation

Interview Date: 2023/07

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