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FTI Consulting (Hong Kong) Ltd

High Impact Engagements

FTI Consulting successfully supported companies in Hong Kong and across Asia during the pandemic with a full complement of services

Interview Date: 2023/01

The Harbour School Ltd

Revolutionizing Education

The Harbour School follows an inquiry-based approach to learning, with emphasis on inclusiveness, innovation, creativity and sustainability

Interview Date: 2023/01


Providing Solutions, Not Just Services

CPA firm helps clients make informed decisions

Interview Date: 2022/12

Wan Tong Global Ltd

The Business of Design

Fung Style Interior Design has built up a solid client base and reputation through innovation

Interview Date: 2022/12

JAC Recruitment Hong Kong Co Ltd

Reliable Talent Acquisition

JAC Recruitment specializes in addressing the need for skilled professionals in the post-pandemic world

Interview Date: 2022/11

Middlesex Services Ltd

Focus on Flexible Learning

Middlesex University collaborates with top Hong Kong institutions to give students an array of study options

Interview Date: 2022/11

ESG Matters Ltd

Mapping Smart ESG Paths

ESG Matters Ltd integrates IoT with dashboard solutions to help companies achieve sustainable goals

Interview Date: 2022/10

Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong

Bridging the Gap in Healthcare

Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong works towards a more equitable healthcare system by offering fee-transparent and innovative services

Interview Date: 2022/10

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Over the years, we have helped businesses overcome adversity and thrive locally, in Mainland China and internationally.

If you want to take advantage of our network,insights and services, contact us today.