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A Cut Above

Golden Sun Home Products has carved out a reputation as the purveyor of beautifully designed kitchen utensils, including its Pro-balance range of knives.

Behind these award-winning knives and Golden Sun’s wide selection of kitchenware is Jimmy Ngok Wing Kwok, who joined the company as Chief Designer in 1982. A graduate of the School of Design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Kwok has used his creativity and design skills to develop hundreds of fashionable and functional kitchen products over the years. 

The company’s flagship brand, Pro-Balance Knives, was launched in 2000. They are designed with removable handle weights that provide a number of benefits to the busy cook. 

“The separable and hollow handle design provides convenience and flexibility to users, and also avoids the tiredness that can be caused by prolonged use,” Kwok explained.

His designs have been garlanded at home and overseas, including by the prestigious Hong Kong Awards for Industries, Good Design Award in Japan, and Germany’s Red Dot Design Award and iF Award.

“Our distinguished professionalism is visible in the quality of Golden Sun’s products and design quality,”said Kwok.

As the reputation of the Pro-Balance brand has grown in recent years, it has increased its presence in Hong Kong with a flagship store in the revamped PMQ in Central in 2014. It has also set up consignment counters in stores including I Love Kitchen, G.O.D. and the Tai Koo branch of Eslite Spectrum. 

Golden Sun is one of the largest homeware manufacturers in Hong Kong and exports to clients in Europe, North America, Japan, the Middle East and Mainland China. In recent years, the company has been making more efforts to develop its overseas and online markets, and is looking forward to entering a new stage of development.

Golden Sun Home Products Ltd joined the Chamber in 2001 to increase its exposure and connections, especially in the retail and branding sectors. The Chamber’s influence with the Government as the voice of business in Hong Kong is another plus. 

“We can express our opinion to the Chamber’s representative in the Legislative Council, and strive for policies that will benefit business development in Hong Kong.”

Outside of his day job, Kwok also contributes to the community by serving as a member of the Disciplinary Board Panel – Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Safety Management) Regulation, and as the Vice Chairman of the Design Division of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries.

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