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Bridging the Gap in Healthcare

Hong Kong’s public hospitals currently account for 90% of the city’s inpatient services. Coupled with the city’s rapidly ageing population, rising costs of medical care, and the shortage in healthcare professionals in general, this means that both healthcare providers and patients are faced with a slew of challenges.

In 2017, Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong was founded with the vision to make a positive impact on the development of Hong Kong’s private healthcare, as well as to play a part in filling the gap between public and private hospitals by offering affordable, fee-transparent and quality healthcare.

“To alleviate the burden on the public sector, the Government has been making efforts to strengthen the roles the private sector can play in fostering a more equitable healthcare system,” CEO Kenneth Tsang said.

A multi-specialty private hospital, Gleneagles provides cutting-edge medical technologies and a comprehensive range of clinical services spanning more than 35 specialties and subspecialties. As a joint venture hospital between IHH Healthcare and NWS Holdings Limited, and with The University of Hong Kong as its exclusive clinical partner, Gleneagles advocates providing high-quality and innovative healthcare services to the public, and contributing to the training and development of healthcare professionals and advancement of clinical research.

“To bring the best care to patients, we have introduced innovative and proven treatments, specialty centres, telemedicine, technology such as robotic surgical systems, advanced diagnostic equipment and other clinical research, all geared towards bringing excellent clinical outcomes and service quality,” Tsang said. “’Patient first’ has always been the anchor for our service developments. In addition, it is delightful to see that our approach to fee transparency has earned trust from patients.”

Though the Covid outbreak has presented new challenges for the healthcare sector, it has also given the opportunity for innovations in service provisions. “People may have concerns or difficulties in seeking medical assistance physically amid the pandemic. Yet, this has provided the catalyst for the rapid development of telemedicine services in the city to allow more patients to receive timely and appropriate medical advice while staying home,” Tsang explained.

During this challenging time, Gleneagles also played its part in the concerted response from the global healthcare community. These initiatives included providing care to patients transferred from public hospitals, offering free teleconsultation service, launching outpatient service for Covid patients, operating medical services for elderly patients at the Government’s holding centres, etc. “We also formed a volunteer team to support the operation of a community testing centre in 2020, and set up a community vaccination centre in our hospital in 2021,” Tsang said.

Looking ahead, Gleneagles plans to develop other creative services, via collaborations with various business partners, to provide personalized and convenient healthcare for patients. “This is one of the reasons we joined HKGCC,” Tsang said. “We hope to connect with people from different sectors of the business community, and gain insights and inspirations from experts and leaders from various industries.”

Gleneagles also intends to further develop robotic surgery services in various specialities. “By making robotic surgeries accessible to more patients, they can benefit from higher-precision surgery, excellent clinical outcomes and faster recovery,” Tsang said.


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