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Second Life for Industrial Assets

To keep up with rapidly changing technology and stay ahead of the competition, companies across a wide range of sectors need to upgrade their industrial equipment regularly. But this sometimes means getting rid of older machinery that is still in perfectly good working order. Or else machines sitting idle between projects, taking up space and incurring maintenance costs.

Gobigcat aims to solve these issues. Launched in 2017, Gobigcat is an online assets disposal platform that was originally set up to help companies in the Asia-Pacific region to dispose of their surplus commercial and industrial assets in an efficient and convenient way.

“Managing and disposing of surplus assets and idle equipment is a costly and time-consuming matter,” said Gobigcat’s Managing Director Johnathan Lam. “It is our job to turn these assets into working capital for companies. Then they can focus on their business.”

Using the platform means that companies access a global network when they want to buy, sell or rent idle equipment or secondhand machinery. Over the past few years, Gobigcat has grown quickly, and has done transaction as far afield as Australia, Africa and the United Kingdom.

However, challenges still exist as turning idle assets into working capital for companies is difficult, and problems may emerge depending on the type of equipment that is being sold or rented.

“Some of our cases are simple if it only involves buying and selling”, said Lam. “But some cases involve different levels of complexity, especially when that asset is used in a production line. This can involve dismantling and large-scale shipment of thousands of large and small items.”

However, Lam said he believes that they can continue to improve their service by being sensitive to market changes and listening to the needs of their clients. “We strive to expand our user base worldwide, so as to become a global marketplace platform that facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers effectively.”

Joining the Chamber has helped Gobigcat fulfil these global ambitions. “We believe that membership at HKGCC allows us to have the chance to meet with more people who work in different industries and businesses, that can help us catch-up with this ever-changing market,” said Lam. “Certainly, we also hope that members will get to know about us and see the value we offer and how we can benefit their companies.”


Company : Gobigcat Ltd

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Established : 2017

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