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KFC may be one of the world’s biggest and best-known fast-food chains, but it never stops innovating to ensure it remains among the top choices for fried chicken and more.

“We aspire to be the chicken leader, and we are passionate about satisfying our customers’ every chicken craving,” said Karen Chan, General Manager of KFC Hong Kong and Macao.

Jardine Restaurant Group (JRG) has been managing the KFC operations in Hong Kong and Macao since 2013, which now has around 90 restaurants across the two cities.

To cater to local palates, KFC has infused its menu with Asian flavours, so Hong Kong diners can feast on dishes like Chicken a la King Rice and Egg Tart as well as classic Western-style items like Flava Crava Chicken and the Zinger Burger. Hong Kong and Macao is also the first KFC market to serve roast chicken to its customers.

Besides regularly updating its menu, KFC also actively seeks to innovate its operations. So KFC had already been investing in new ways to serve customers when the arrival of Covid-19 triggered a shift away from dine-in services.

“In recent years, we have been stepping up our digital transformation efforts,” Chan explained. “This provided a strong foundation for us to quickly shift to takeaway and delivery, so as to continue to create value for our customers as the pandemic hit.”

To meet the continuing demand for takeaway and delivery, KFC launched a new mobile app this year with an enhanced click-and-collect and delivery-ordering experience. It also unveiled its first smart food lockers where customers can pick up their online orders – creating a completely contactless process with minimal waiting time. A delivery management system has also been introduced, with an auto-dispatch function that can organize and schedule orders more efficiently.

The company has also invested in technology that improves life for its staff. For example, it introduced robotic arms in some of its kitchen operations that can pick up fried chicken from the fryers. This invention helps to reduce the employees’ workload while improving workplace safety.

“As the saying goes, take care of your people and they will take care of your customers,” Chan said. “In fact, it has been down to the agility and devotion of our colleagues that we have been able to continue to serve our neighbourhoods during these challenging times.”

To help the company coordinate its move towards more eco-friendly practices, the company recently established a Group Sustainability function. In fact, KFC was the first fast-food chain in Hong Kong to abandon plastic straws and cup lids, and it is continuing to seek alternatives to plastic for other types of packaging.

Social inclusion is also important to KFC, and the company has worked with non-profit organizations to create employment opportunities for different social groups including people with physical or intellectual disabilities.

As Hong Kong starts to prepare for a post-Covid environment, companies can benefit from sharing experiences and information. Chan said she hoped that membership of the Chamber could help to boost the KFC brand, and enable the exchange of ideas with the broader business community.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to connect with like-minded people and businesses in the Chamber,” she said.


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