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Seamless Security for Changing Times

With its rich heritage in security – from physical services to advanced technology – Certis aspires to improve business efficiency and make society safer, smarter, and better for all.

“At Certis, we seamlessly orchestrate security, facilities management and customer experience for greater cost efficiencies,” said Managing Director Horace Chan. “We are committed to building a safer, smarter and more sustainable business for our clients.”

Founded more than 60 years ago in Singapore, Certis’ expertise is underpinned by decades of experience and industry insights. Operating in Hong Kong since 2006, it is a trusted security provider for businesses globally, offering a diverse range of security services including physical guarding, security consultation and integrated technology solutions.

In recent years, the global business environment has become more complex and challenging, which has led to rising demand for smart security services. The impact of Covid-19 has also prompted operation managers to reconsider how they manage staff from a security point of view, as well as ensuring safe public access to their premises.

“Covid-19 has drastically altered the way we collaborate and connect, and has also brought a new normal to our society,” Chan said. “More than ever, digital transformation plays a critical role in helping everyone to live and work.”

In the new normal of the business landscape, companies have become more aware of how advanced integrated security can enhance efficiency – such as by using technology to minimize physical interactions. For example, Certis’ AI-enabled platform, Certis Experience, enables businesses to connect teams from around the globe for a seamless and immersive presentation experience.

What makes Certis Experience different from some other remote-meeting platforms is that it allows presenters who are physically in different locations to appear as if they are at the same site. This innovative technology can be used to engage stakeholders across the globe in situations ranging from town hall meetings to office tours and site reconnaissance.

“We hope that corporates can greatly benefit from the new world of business possibilities created by Certis Experience,” Chan said.

An ongoing challenge for the security industry is the prolonged labour shortage in the manned security sector, which can ultimately affect quality. To help companies deal with this issue, Certis has introduced the patented technology innovations, Business Processing Re-engineering and Operations (BPRO) framework. This enables Certis to co-create clients’ security, concierge processes and operations, enhancing efficiency across the business.

Another innovation is Security+, which helps clients to integrate security, facilities management and customer service into a holistic service supported and underpinned by technology. This ultimately provides a better user experience for our customers’ clients as well. Certis’ Security+ solution has been deployed across a variety of sites, for example ensuring the smooth running of the diverse range of services at the Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore.

Planning for the future, Certis Hong Kong will continue to innovate and develop new initiatives to help businesses operate at their best amid a complex global environment.

“The new normal has set the stage for us to demonstrate our capabilities in safety, security and operations technology,” Chan said. “Looking ahead, we will continue our commitment to make society safer, smarter, and better.”


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