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Seeking Wonder for Tech Success

“I don’t want to have a boring life,” said Kelven Lit, director of Censpot Trading Corporation. “And I want my business, just like my life, to be full of wonders.”

True to this goal, the company’s slogan is “Life’s Wonders.” Censpot is a software technology solution house and investment firm with connections in more than 100 countries. It sources technology solutions and provides advice and deployment services; it also develops its own proprietary solutions to cater for clients’ needs.

Lit majored in language studies at university, but he confesses that his pursuit of a life of wonder meant that he was not always the most conscientious of students.

“I participated in all kinds of activities back then, which meant I was always skipping lessons. This became a problem when I needed to submit my assignments and do all the literature review,” he said.

But Lit’s enthusiasm for activities outside the requirements of his course ended up being useful. “I started to learn programming out of interest, and then I created a software that automatically paraphrases sentences and content to avoid plagiarism.”

This innovation not only helped him by saving time in his university assignments, but also later when he started his career. After years of improvements and refinements, Lit’s amateur software system ended up helping him to get Science Park start-up funding, and to launch his own business.

Lit believes that being a young entrepreneur and having a young team are positives. While young people lack experience and earned wisdom, they should not be concerned about this as they make up for it in other ways.

“A lot of young businesspeople are keen to become older and more mature,” Lit said. “But I remember a valuable member from the Chamber once told me that being young is our biggest asset, as we are the ones who understand what the future world needs.”

Therefore, Lit likes to recruit young people to work for his company, as it is a good way to keep pace with changing trends and to retain Censpot’s competitiveness.

Although Censpot is a technology company, many of its clients do not have a technical background, Lit explained. So it has its own approach to help them understand the company’s products and solutions.

“We don’t like to use intricate and complex jargon to confuse our customers,” he said. “We provide them with an artistic approach to ensure they understand the holistic picture of our products.”

Besides aiming to provide the best technological solutions for its clients’ needs, Censpot also focuses on the whole service experience. “For example, I would say decent design is equally important as functionality. We aim to provide our customers with a holistic picture.”

While some people say that you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, Lit has found that running a company can also be a sociable undertaking, and has made many friends from among the business community. Lit has even been invited to participate in religious ceremonies by one of his clients who has also become a close friend.

“A lot of people say that friends are hard to find in the business world, but I am proud that we have been able to make friends as well as run a successful business.”

Although recent months have been very challenging for Hong Kong and globally, Lit has remained optimistic. The nature of his business means that he has been able to help companies to adapt to the rapidly changing environment resulting from the Covid-19 situation.

“A lot of ‘older generation’ enterprises have started embracing technology to solve some of their business issues during the pandemic,” he said. “Many companies started adapting the concept of work from home or webinars, which actually brings good opportunities for our company.”

Besides dealing with the issues that have arisen recently amid the coronavirus outbreak, Lit has continued to develop innovative new products and services. Recently, he has been working with his partner Janet Yick on a new venture called “Janpolitics.” This is a solution that makes use of AI and big data to analyze the connection between political situations and human behavior.

“History repeats itself, and we believe that with sufficient AI power, everything could be predicted,” he said.

Lit is an active member of HKGCC, and says one of the chief benefits is its diversity, which can be seen in the wide range of businesspeople that attend Chamber events.

“It’s not rare to see the director of an international company with billions of dollars of valuation sharing ideas with small start-up founders in their early twenties. This kind of exchange is beneficial to both sides as learning, communication and mutual understanding are facilitated,” he said.

“I really appreciate this atmosphere as I believe increasing collaborations between the ‘bigs’ and ‘smalls’ will be the future trend of commerce.”

Lit also participated in the Chamber’s Mission to Morocco and Ghana in December, which he said was an eye-opening experience. He said that he had not expected African businesses to be so active in the technology sphere, including in the financial sector.

“Despite the countries’ relatively slow progression in infrastructure, their banks have already been very active and ‘smart’ in using the existing tech to deploy tech. For example, instead of using apps, they use SMS to facilitate mobile payment and banking.”

On the cultural side, visiting regions that have seen few Hong Kong businesspeople to date meant that they were breaking new ground and forging new connections. Besides exploring new markets, visiting such countries also provides the opportunity to learn about very different cultures.

“We learn about business culture, how transactions are made, and what we should be taking care of; this gives us a very great advantage as we are facing nearly no competitors,” he said.

Experience of different cultures can also provide talking points. Lit added that his experience of having visited Ghana has been of interest to his business contacts following the story about the Ghanian dancing pallbearers that made global headlines in May.

On advice for prospective young entrepreneurs, Lit returned to his philosophy of wonder, and advises always retaining your curiosity.

“Think of our infant period, when we were full of wonder towards everything in the world. A lot of youngsters have lost this disregardable but very important element,” Lit said.

“We should stay curious about everything. Don’t plan too much. Just keep an eye on all the changes around you then learn and adapt. There will always be a road to make your way.”

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