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Providing Solutions, Not Just Services

Since CCOR & Co was first established in 2013 with just three staff, it has since grown into a respected CPA firm providing a wide range of professional services to clients, ranging from local SMEs to overseas corporations.

“Our company logo implies that we are ready to sprint from the starting line all the way to success,” said the company founder Ricky Or.

“Solutions, not just services” is the firm’s core value. “We aim to provide the best solutions for our clients,” he said. “Clients are able to see our enthusiasm and that we are committed to what we are doing. We don’t want to give them the same old standard answers. Instead, we want to deliver new ideas backed by comprehensive assessments, which will allow our clients to make well-informed decisions about which solution best suits them.”

Although the firm has been growing steadily over the past 10 years, it has not been plain sailing. One particularly difficult challenge that is affecting many businesses in Hong Kong is the worsening manpower shortage.

“The skills shortage has long been a problem for the accounting and auditing industry, but it became even more acute during the social unrest and pandemic,” Or said.

To tackle this, the company decided to invest more time and money into training and retaining staff. “We treat employees as important assets. We encourage staff to try and achieve a better work-life balance, as well as organize staff activities such as barbecues and war games to help build employees’ sense of belonging,” he said.

In addition, Or stressed that flexible work arrangements have become an essential ingredient in talent retention. “We implemented a work-from-home policy and adopted flexible working hours, which staff were happy about,” said Or.

Looking ahead, Or hopes to maintain close relations with other CPA firms and explore projects for potential collaboration. “My motto is ‘stay hungry, stay foolish’. It can keep us learn and try new things as it forces us to find the answers or solutions,” Or explained. “We are always excited by the next challenge. We also decided to join HKGCC to broaden our perspectives, get more familiar with different sectors, and contribute to the industry and community.”


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