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Sam Seng Winery

Here's to your health Sam Seng -- cheers!

Sam Seng, Sam Seng Antler Pilose Medicinal Wine -- fantastic for men and women's health. Although this may not be the most poetic of slogans, Hong Kong TV viewers know the 20-year-old commercial chant by heart. The story of Sam Seng Winery, however, is virtually unknown.

Interview Date: 2003/01

TAL Apparel

Textile giant plans to sew up Asian apparel market

TAL Apparel Limited may not be a household name, but the companies it supplies are: Marks & Spencer, Goldlion, Giordano -- Not bad for a company that set up shop by accident.

Interview Date: 2003/01

Tom Lee Music

Promoting the world's common language is a life-long ambition for Tom Lee Music's Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman John Lee

It's hard to imagine John Lee as a long-haired rocker playing in a rock'n'roll band in between his business studies at the University of British Columbia in Canada. Sporting a business-buzz cut and dressed in a conservative navy blue suit, the 50-year-old entrepreneur admits that while his appearance may look different, his passion for music remains unchanged.

Interview Date: 2003/01

Vita Green Health Products

Legendary properties of Lingzhi now confirmed by researchers

Good health may not come in a bottle, but that doesn't stop many people from wondering: Could it come in a capsule?

Interview Date: 2003/01

Wings Trading Company

Wings Soars to New Heights

For many people, the thought of running their own business is a pleasant fantasy of short hours, lots of money and a product or idea that catches like wildfire.

Interview Date: 2003/01

Deacons[The Chamber's Oldest Members ]

At 150 years young, Hong Kong's oldest law firm is set to enhance its position as the largest legal practice in Asia

Few companies can claim to have such a long and prestigious history as Hong Kong law firm Deacons. The firm's founder, William Bridges, arrived in Hong Kong in 1851, just nine years after Hong Kong Island was ceded to Britain under the Treaty of Nanking.

Interview Date: 2002/12

Local Printing Press Limited

Third generation takes over helm of family printing empire

Wayne Leung is not your average printer. A banker by profession, a sailor by heart and a chevalier of the arts, the easy-going managing director switched careers to take up the reins of Local Printing Press Limited and Ye Olde Printerie in 2000.

Interview Date: 2002/12

Scarfell Enterprises

Hong Kong's Flying Dutchman: After living in Hong Kong for 37 years, Joop B M Litmaath said life here still gives him a kick

Onstage, jazz pianist Joop Litmaath leads his band in a high-energy performance of trad-jazz, weaving a tight blend of crowd-pleasing jams and the solo work that he loves.

Interview Date: 2002/12

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