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Prosperity Clothing

At 68 years young, KC Lau has stitched together quite a success story -- one that shows why Hong Kong remains a productive center of the global garment industry

K C Lau often wonders what he would be doing if he had listened to his heart instead of his head after he was cheated out of his year-end bonus when he was 21.

Interview Date: 2003/01

China Travel Service Holdings

Travel giant aiming to be international

Hong Kong travel agencies generally tend to stick to inbound or outbound tourism so that they can focus on doing what they do best -- either jetting tourists off to far, exotic places, or bringing in tourists to be dazzled by the wonders of Hong Kong. China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Ltd. (CTS HK) is among the exceptions.

Interview Date: 2003/01

Forward Winsome Industries

Jeffrey Lam is in the business of making people happy: he makes toys, and toys make him happy, he says

Jeffrey Lam, 50, who is managing director of the company, said Forward Winsome helped pioneer toy and plastic products manufacturing in Hong Kong. This long history has enabled it to build up solid relations with many well-known toy companies.

Interview Date: 2003/01


Billion-dollar business empire rises out of ashes of war on integrity and determination to succeed

Hari Harilela got his first taste of work hawking on the streets of Hong Kong at the age of 10. Today, at 77, he's as active as ever overseeing the family's global billion-dollar hotel, banking and real estate empire.

Interview Date: 2003/01

Keystone Electric Wire & Cable

Member shows a problem shared with the Chamber is a problem solved

Emil Yu couldn't have imagined the effect an innocent comment would have in bringing to an end a reoccurring nightmare that had haunted him for over a decade.

Interview Date: 2003/01

Multilingual Translation Services

Translation firm is helping companies around the world speak the same language

Networking is an important element in business, but for Stephen Yiu, general manager of Multilingual Translation Services, establishing contacts has been the main ingredient in the success of his business.

Interview Date: 2003/01

Nin Jiom Medicine Manufactory

'Nin Jiom' stands the test of time

Ask almost any Chinese person what is the best cure for a cough and they will most likely tell you "Pei Pa Koa Cough Syrup."

Interview Date: 2003/01


Firm celebrates 100 years in HK

Arthur Rylands Lowe was a man with ambition. Just four years after the English accountant journeyed from London to Hong Kong to work for then Butterfield & Swire in 1898, he resigned to start up his own business.

Interview Date: 2003/01

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