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Ashford Benjamin Ltd

Bespoke Services in Executive Search

A personalized approach helps recruitment firm go from strength to strength even amid a challenging marketplace

Interview Date: 2021/03

Asia Plantation Hong Kong Ltd

The Smell of Money

Hong Kong is a fast-paced, dynamic city, and people here have to be efficient, results oriented and juggle a dozen tasks to keep pace with the rapidly changing business environment. This is also true with investments, but one company is selling investments that require far more patience for nest eggs to grow – trees!

Interview Date: 2013/12

Asia Society Hong Kong Center

Building Cultural Bridges

Asia Society helps to broaden understanding across cultures through the arts, business, culture, education and policy, reports the Chamber’s staff writer Kari Yu

Interview Date: 2020/02

Asianet Consultants (HK) Ltd

Searching the World for Talent

“Being international executive search consultants, we need to continue to build up our global network, keep abreast of the times and be forward-looking,” said Mark Geary, CEO of Asianet Consultants (HK) Ltd.

Interview Date: 2017/06

AsiaPay Filling Niches

Providing an affordable option to businesses that need to conduct online transactions

AsiaPay spotted a niche created by budding entrepreneurs and set up a digital payment service that is convenient and secure, and affordable enough to be used by everyone from a small corner florist to a virtual storeowner operating out of their bedroom.

Interview Date: 2005/09

Avalade Group Ltd

Marketing Excellence Through Tech

Avalade's focus on nurturing talent is one of the company's keys to success amid the challenges of Covid

Interview Date: 2021/10

Avalon SteriTech Ltd

High-tech Disinfecting Solutions

Robots help to make public areas safer with advanced sanitising abilities

Interview Date: 2021/11

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