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Marketing Excellence Through Tech

Avalade Group was founded in 2003 with a mission to apply technology to achieve marketing excellence. Since then, the company has evolved beyond a consultancy service, also offering marketing application platforms via digital platform subscriptions and software licenses, for clients in the retail and hospitality spheres, among others.

“We are focused on what we do well, and we love what we do!” said Director Kenneth Cheuk. “This passion has not only brought us new ideas for clients and enhancements to our own application platforms, but also given us energy to withstand stormy times.”

Although there is no shortage of management consultant firms in Hong Kong, Cheuk believes that Avalade has kept up with the competition and even thrived under the impact of the pandemic.

“Competition is always keen, but we all compete on a level playing field,” he said. By focusing on the hotel, travel and retail sectors, Cheuk believes that Avalade will be able to continuing carving out a niche for itself due to the strong growth in these sectors in both Hong Kong and the Mainland.

Another key to success for the group is a focus on developing its biggest resource – its pool of talent.

“We are a knowledge-based business – retaining talent, developing our company culture and growing our team has always been a key priority,” Cheuk said.

As with many other businesses, Avalade found the Covid pandemic to be a catalyst for change. Hybrid work models, increased awareness of healthcare as well as mindfulness training are some of the examples of changes that Avalade has implemented to help protect staff members’ health and also to ensure the company’s working standards are on par with industry competitors.

The group’s focus on allocating resources to employee-friendly practices has also earned it the Caring Company award from the Hong Kong Council of Social Services for more than 10 years.

Avalade was initially motivated to join the Chamber to take advantage of the numerous training opportunities and workshops on offer. Since then, the company has also found the Chamber to be an avenue for the company’s voice as part of the city’s business community.

“We appreciate the work of the many committees of the Chamber because they represent the diverse needs of businesses in Hong Kong,” said Cheuk.


Company:Avalade Group Ltd

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Established :2003


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